Complimentary Collection

Complimentary Collection comes with many amenities, including:

  • Symbolic ceremony

  • Wooden wedding arch with ivory decor

  • Sparkling wine throughout the ceremony

Base price for 30 guests
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About Complimentary Collection package

With the Complimentary Collection, you can invite up to 30 guests! Choose between the beautiful beach or the gazebo with a view of the Caribbean Sea.

What's included

  • Symbolic ceremony

  • Wooden arch with an ivory backdrop and silk and silver accents

  • Matching wooden ceremony table with 30 white Avant Garde chairs

  • Sparkling wine

  • Semi-private dinner reservation at an on-site restaurant.

Extra inclusions
  • Breakfast in bed for the newly married couple

  • Complimentary honeymoon package

Moon Palace Resort Cancun
This lavish, freshly refurbished resort is located in the center of Cancun. If you’re planning your all-inclusive destination wedding in Mexico, this could be your perfect choice.
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