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Why Puerto Vallarta for Weddings?

So, you're looking to plan your dream wedding? Let us introduce you to the magical world of destination weddings in Puerto Vallarta.

Picture this: You, your significant other, and your closest loved ones gathered on pristine beaches with the sound of the waves in the background.

Now, let's talk logistics. The marriage requirements are straightforward, making it hassle-free. And the destination wedding packages are abundant and affordable. Each all-inclusive resort has 3-5 wedding packages and 4-10 venues. You'll find them all here. 💍😍

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A collection of our Teams favorite resorts in Tulum.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Packages & Costs!

The average cost of a wedding in Puerto Vallarta is $5500 for 30-50 guests. You can spend more or less. What affects this most if how many wedding guests you have and which wedding packages you choose.

Wedding locations in Puerto Vallarta include Old Town, Puerto Vallarta, and north of that you have Nuevo Vallarta and then Punta Mita.

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