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Why Cancun for Weddings?

Cancun is the hottest location for destination weddings, here’s why it's such a hit.

A quick flight from the U.S. for you and your guest, staying at luxurious all-inclusive resorts, made possible by affordable wedding packages under 10k. It's like a dream come true for couples who want a wedding that's both drop-dead gorgeous and stay on budget.

And here's the best part – celebrating with your friends and family for 3 straight days!

So, if you're on the hunt for the perfect wedding destination, that's got it all. Cancun is where the magic happens, and we've got a treasure trove of all-inclusive wedding resorts and wedding packages just for Cancun. 💍😍

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What couples and guests say about us
Toku H.
We had a positive experience with Paradise Weddings. The staff helped us book our stay in Cancun at a fair rate and communicated expectations. They were professional, kind and responsive. I really appreciated the reminder email about travel requirements to re-enter the US and made planning much smoother for us. This was a destination filled with a lot of good memories. Thank you
Amy A.
We had a wonderful experience using Paradise Weddings to help plan our destination wedding in Cancun. We worked with Nadiya Karnaukh at the beginning who was great at answering all of our questions regarding room blocks and how the room block contract process worked. She bridged our communication with the resort's wedding department to help secure our wedding date and venue.
Rachel T.
When my husband and I got engaged, we quickly knew that we wanted to get married in Cancun but were overwhelmed with how to begin the planning process. A Google search of “Cancun wedding all inclusive resort” led me to Their site’s landing page mentioned they will help you find the perfect resort that fits your needs, wants and budget FOR FREE. I immediately called...
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Is it expensive to get married in Cancun?

The average cost of a destination wedding in Cancun is $5500.

You're at a 4.5-star resort and it includes 50 guests, venue, supper, party, DJ, and so much more... with the right wedding package. Other packages can accommodate over 100 guests for $8500.

Compared to a wedding in the U.S.A which averages over $32,000... you're saving a bundle by choosing Cancun, Mexico.

Guests get a discounted group rate for their stay, and everyone is happy.

Can you legally get married in Cancun?

Yes, you can get legally married in Cancun, but it'll cost you roughly $850 more to make it official. Most who get married in Cancun have symbolic ceremonies (not legal) and celebrate with their friends and family.


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