Always And Forever

The Always and Forever package come with all the essentials you may need on your wedding day:

  • 4 ceremony venue options

  • Private reception options

  • Personalized wedding website and registry

Base price for 2 guests • $15 per additional guest
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About Always And Forever package

With the Always and Forever package, you will get all the essentials and more! First, you get to choose from these beautiful ceremony venues:

  • Bottom Beach

  • Ballroom

  • Esplanade "Le Spatule"

Invite up to 120 of your closest friends and family! Plus, this package is free with 5 booked rooms!

What's included

  • Sound system with speakers and microphone

  • Non-denominational minister

  • Filing of all documents

  • Romantic ceremony location

  • White linen table

  • Special aisle runner

  • Uncovered white garden chairs

  • Semi-private dinner at any of the restaurants

  • Personalized menu card

  • Table with white linen

Signature Service
  • On-site wedding designer

  • Groom’s room with gourmet snacks on the wedding day

  • Wedding guest concierge

  • Personalized menu card


Restrictions apply
• Always and Forever wedding package is not available Friday through Sunday at this resort.

• Always and Forever is available on the weekends at Karisma Azul Beach Resort Negril through the Exclusively You package.

• In Mexico, wedding ceremonies are performed by a judge, with a translation of the ceremony at an extra cost. You will be given two certificates, one in Spanish and one in English.

• The group size capacity varies by hotel and restaurant.

• A bride's personal in-room wedding attendant is not available at this resort.
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