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30 Stunning Wedding Dresses for Your Destination Wedding

Are you looking for wedding dresses for the destination wedding of your dreams? 

Who am I kidding, of course you are! 🙌

The wedding dress collections for 2024/2025 bridal fashion week are drop-dead gorgeous. 

We made a list of the most stunning wedding dresses we found.

You don’t have to go over your budget for these designer dresses…

Use this list for inspo & ideas on bridal looks for your big day.

30 Stunning Destination Wedding Dresses

  1. Traditional Chic
  2. Color & Pastels
  3. Short & Sweet
  4. Bare Shoulders
  5. Spaghetti Strap
  6. V Neckline
  7. Removable Pieces
  8. Other 
  9. Style Trends

To make it easier for you, I’ve divided the list into sections by styles. 

Each section will have multiple wedding dresses for inspo.

Traditional Chic

1. Princess Dress with Leg Slit

You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous style. 

However, a bigger wedding dress can be bulky and that might be an issue in the heat. 

ellie saab wedding dress

Image by Ellie Saab

The slit on the leg shows just enough skin.

And it leaves space for air to flow easier, in case you are worried about it getting too hot.

You will absolutely feel like a princess with a dress in this style! 

2. High Low Dress with a Bow

You wouldn’t think that a high-low dress is a good design for a wedding dress…

Surprisingly, the high low bottom with a giant bow on the side looks absolutely elegant. 

ellie saab

Image by Ellie Saab

The single cross-shoulder strap adds balance to this gown. 

Can you imagine walking down the aisle in this unique summer dress?

I can see it now…. you’ll leave everyone in awe! 

3. Round Back Dress Trumpet Style

If you’re into a more conservative style, this dress is perfect. 

The back is rounded and it doesn’t cut down too far, either.

ines di santo wedding dress

Image by Ines Di Santo

The rounded back complements the trumpet-style bottom.

One of the downsides to this style is the long sleeves.

But if your wedding is at an indoor venue, you don’t need to worry about the heat.

If you manage to get a version with short or no sleeves, then it’ll be beach-ready!

4. Mermaid Dress with Short Train

Not comfortable with a full open back?

This dress style is a better option since it only has a small opening in the back.

short train dress

Image by Ines Di Santo

A shorter trumpet-style train & sleeves make this dress more fitting for outdoor beach ceremonies.

Just because you’re having a destination wedding doesn’t mean you can’t wear a more traditional style!

You do you, boo! 

Color & Pastels

5. Vibrant Red

Do you want a dress that stands out?

You’re in luck because colorful wedding dresses are in right now. 

red and gold v neck wedding dress

This sleeveless red gown is a romantic look for any daring bride.

Really, I can’t get over how gorgeous this non-traditional look is! 

What do you think about this bold dress?

6. Blue Dream

Another spectacular gown is this dreamy blue one. 

blue jimmy choo dress

Image by The Atelier Couture By Professor Jimmy Choo

The off-the-shoulder straps and flowy tulle with beaded bodice dress give us major fairy-tale wedding vibes. 


The blue color will look incredible with the ocean backdrop at your destination wedding. 

7. Beaded Geometric Pastel Dress

If you want color but nothing too loud, go with a style that has just a touch of pastel.

pastel jimmy choo dress

Image by The Atelier Couture By Professor Jimmy Choo

The colors are light enough for anyone who wants to take a step out of their comfort zone in dress styles. 

The design of the dress itself is beautiful and will make you feel magical!

8. Pastel Flowers

If you’re looking for a more form-fitting dress, then this next style is for you!

floral pastel dress

Image by Ines Di Santo

It hugs your body in all the right places and shows off your back for a light & airy option. 

The color in this gown comes from the pastel flowers on the fabric. 

You can add a veil or light shrug in case you want extra coverage in the back area. 

Either way, you will look amazing! 

9. Baby Blue Princess Dress

Another option for pastel wedding dresses is this baby blue princess dress.

baby blue princess dress

Image by Ines Di Santo

The blue is light enough to make the dress look like it has just a hint of color. 

Crystals line the bodice and full skirt of the dress that is going to sparkle under the sun. 

Is anyone else getting Cinderella vibes with this beauty?

Short & Sweet

10. Backless Dress with Details

Another popular style that is made for weddings at the beach is the short wedding dress. 

backless detail dress

Image by Ines Di Santo

This dress has a sheer lining on the back to make it look like there is not much coverage in the back. 

Short dresses are not everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to admit how great they look! 

What the dress doesn’t have in length, it makes up for with the pretty decorations & details.

11. Pencil Skirt Style Dress

A form-fitting short dress is also a great option. 

pencil skirt wedding dress

Image by Ines Di Santo

This wedding dress falls just past the knees and is form-fitting, but not too tight. 

It has a sheer lining that camouflages the shoulder straps and optional removable sleeves. 

The removable sleeves give the dress a unique twist.

It’s like you have 2 dress styles in 1!

12. Short A-Line Dress

Another short dress style is this A-Line dress with a slight high low skirt style. 

short a line dress

Image by BRIDAL — Halfpenny London

The skirt is layered, and the dress’s body has puff sleeves in a sheer material for breathable coverage.

This dress is such a fun & classy look.

It makes it easy to go from the ceremony to the reception dance floor!

Bare Shoulders

13. Flowy Dress with Off the Shoulder Straps

Light & flowy wedding dresses are practically made for destination weddings. 

flowy dress with off the shoulder straps

Image by Ines Di Santo 

They’re gorgeous & light enough for outdoor weather. 

The dress is made with a lighter material and looks like it wraps around the body just perfectly. 

If you’re looking for a spring or summer wedding dress, this is a style to get bridal inspo from.

14. Sleeveless Dress with Tulle

Sleeveless dresses are a favorite of mine!

A corset top with a tulle skirt and an extra piece of tulle falling gracefully over 1 shoulder make this a classy design. 

sleeveless wedding dress with tulle

Image by Mira Zwillinger

The white skirt gets just the right amount of pop with leaf designs extending from the corset. 

Beautiful is an understatement with this dress. 

15. Off-the-Shoulder Lace Dress

If going completely strapless doesn’t go with your style, then try an off-the-shoulder dress. 

off the shoulder lace dress

Image by Mira Zwillinger

This style is a form-fitting lace mermaid style with straps that fall loosely around the arms.

The straps look like leaves from the flower embellishments on the fabric of the dress. 

You’ll look dreamy with this sophisticated gown!

16. Off-the-Shoulder Princess Dress

Another off-the-shoulder look is a princess-style dress

princess style off the shoulder dress

Image by Mira Zwillinger

The fabric is layered and transparent but the dress itself is not see-through at all. 

The skirt is fuller than the previous dress, and the straps are thicker & tighter on the arm.

Are you a mermaid style or princess-style wedding dress type of person?

17. Strapless Dress with Ruffled Skirt

A strapless beaded corset top with a ruffled skirt is a traditional style wedding dress.

strapless dress ruffled skirt

Image by Stella York

The layers of ruffles are not over the top.

They add to the fullness of the skirt!

This means that the dress won’t be too hot, but the fabric in the corset top will be a little heavier.

The dress just slightly hits the floor, so it will be easy to walk through the sand or any outdoor location on your wedding day! 

18. Strapless Dress with Flower Details

This is another strapless dress that has a 2-in-1 option!

strapless dress floral details

Image by Ines Di Santo

This gown has a corset top, train, and beautiful flowers on a tulle skirt. 

Its removable sleeves are made of this same material and go up to your arm, just under the shoulder. 

The only downside to the dress style is the train dragging on the sand.

But if that doesn’t bother you, this style is great! 

Spaghetti Strap

19. Empire Dress with Lace Top

This style looks simple yet intricate at the same time. 

empire wedding dress lace top

Image by Pronovias

Check out the lace on the bodice! 

The skirt is light & flowy and not very full, so it won’t feel heavy. 

This is an excellent dress for a boho beach babe look!

20. Slip Dress with Flowers

Slip dresses may resemble undergarments, but these wedding dresses are classy. 

A slip dress is for those looking for a more sweet & sensual vibe. 

floral slip wedding dress

Image by Ines Di Santo

The floral print on the satin fabric looks amazing in the sun. 

What are your thoughts on slip-style dresses?

21. Satin Slip Dress

Next, we have another lovely slip dress. 

This gown has no print on it, but since the satin fabric sits loosely on the body, it’s still an alluring look. 

satin slip wedding dress

Image by BRIDAL — Halfpenny London

This is a hassle-free spring/summer style.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of these going down the aisle this summer!

22. Empire Dress with Leg Slit

Another take on the lace top empire dress is adding a leg slit.

It has airy fabric for the skirt with a slight train/tail to it. 

empire wedding dress with leg slit

Image by Pronovias

If you don’t want a train, find a style that isn’t as long in the back.

The lace bodice has a transparent material and double spaghetti straps for a comfy fit. 

Stunning & comfortable?

What a great combination!

V Neckline

23. Intricate V Neckline Dress

A plunging v neckline looks so elegant with this next style. 

intricate detailed v neckline wedding dress

Image by The Atelier Couture By Professor Jimmy Choo

The bodice has designs sewn onto it that look like you’re covered in gorgeous beaded vines. 

There are no sleeves.

Instead, there’s a thick strap and a piece of transparent fabric that falls onto the shoulders like a cape, mimicking a long sleeve. 

You’ll look like you’re floating down the aisle with this whimsical style! 

24. Pastel Flowers with V Neckline

Next on the list is this dazzling lightweight dress with pastel flower fabric. 

pastel floral v neck wedding dress

Image by Ines Di Santo

This one could have gone in the colorful dress section, but the deep V-neckline made it appropriate to place here. 

The neckline gives it a subtle revealing look. 

And the skirt is full & long enough that you can forgo a veil with this dress!

25. Lacey V Neckline with Sleeves

A less revealing option is this lace style with transparent sleeves.

This style is closer to a traditional style wedding dress than some other gowns on our list.

lace v neck wedding dress

Image by Pronovias

Not a fan of showing your shoulders?

The lace appliqué on the sleeves gives just the right amount of coverage.

I would say this is a modern take on the traditional wedding dress styles we are used to. 

26. Mermaid Dress with Lace Train

Not all V Necklines are low-cut. 

This mermaid wedding dress has a transparent lining for coverage. 

mermaid wedding dress lace train

Image by Stella York

This whole dress is decorated in lace with a beautiful train. 

The cut gives you an hourglass shape that you’ll love!

Removable Pieces

27. Removable Skirt

This bridal style has a removable skirt! 

Wear your dress with the full-over skirt to walk down the aisle.

Then take it off for mermaid-style vibes for your reception.

wedding dress with removable skirt

Image by Pronovias

The gown is made from a transparent fabric that is covered in delicate lace. 

Can we make 2 in 1 dresses a more common style?!

28. Removable Shrug Fairy Dress

Another lightweight dress is this A-line style with a slightly full skirt. 

fairy wedding dress with removable shrug

Image by Mira Zwillinger

This is a strapless dress with an overcoat or shrug made of the same transparent material.

The cut and fabric of this dress are impressive. 

You’ll feel and look ethereal in this gorgeous style! 


29. Beachy Lace Dress

Low-cut and sleeveless dresses are not everyone’s favorite, and that’s okay. 

This dress has off-the-shoulder sleeves, and the fabric it’s made of feels as it belongs on the beach.

beachy lace wedding dress

Image by Pronovias

The neckline is rounded and shaped to go with the lace fabric, instead of the other way around.

This classical look is also giving a boho and princess vibe at the same time.

Yass versatility!

30. Criss Cross Back Mermaid Dress

Last but not least, we have a mermaid-style gown that shows part of your back.

The straps cross in the back for a beautiful shape.

criss cross lace wedding dress

Image by Pronovias

It also has buttons going down the back of the dress. 

This exquisite dress is made from a lightweight fabric covered in lace. 

Look how pretty this looks on the beach!

2024/2025 Style Trends

There are so many incredible trends & styles for wedding dresses out there!

Here are some bridal gown designs for 2024/2025:

  • Bold colors & pastels dresses 
  • Wedding dresses with a pop of color
  • Short & fun wedding gowns
  • Low necklines or cuts that mimic low necklines
  • Detachable pieces, especially sleeves
  • Wedding dresses with leg slits
  • Form-fitting dress
  • Off-the-shoulder or strapless dresses 
  • Floral prints
  • Shorter train or no train

What Type of Dress is Best for a Beach Wedding?

It depends on you! 

Let me explain…

First & foremost, you have to feel comfortable & beautiful in the dress.

So, that varies from person to person.

However, I do recommend going for lightweight fabrics that will make it easy to walk around in the sun & heat. 

Fabrics that are breathable & airy are a great option.


  • Light satin
  • Lace
  • Lightly layered tulle
lace wedding dress

You don’t have to go completely strapless or with thin straps.

Some styles have sleeves but are made with breathable fabric. 

Train or No Train?

You can certainly wear a dress with a train on the beach, but consider:

  • the length
  • whether you’re going to wear it on the sand, a resort garden, or an indoor venue.

You can choose a casual look or a more traditional one.

It’s your day, so wear what you feel the best in!

I’m sure you will slay any look you choose.

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