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25 Creative Photo Ideas For Your Destination Wedding

Want to capture a lifetime of memories in beautiful pictures?

You’ve come to the right spot!

We understand how important a role photography plays at destination weddings.

And we’ve curated picture-perfect ideas to sprinkle some magic into your destination wedding album.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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We’re starting with a trend that’s rapidly gaining popularity. 

Capturing reflections of yourselves and your guests in the water adds a touch of enchantment to your wedding photos.

Whether it’s a serene lake, a shimmering pond, or even a puddle after the rain, these reflections create a dreamy, romantic vibe that’s hard to beat.

bride and groom during sunset

As the sun begins its descent, your destination wedding paradise will be bathed in warm, golden hues.

This golden hour is the perfect time to take enchanting couple photos.

You can even take couple photos silhouetted against the colorful backdrop of the sunset.

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos pool wedding venue

Aerial photography’s all about taking your wedding day to new heights – literally!

Also known as drone photography, this one is blowing up the wedding scene, and for good reason.

Picture stunning bird’s-eye views of your venue, epic group shots from above, and breathtaking shots of you and your partner against the backdrop of your destination.

groom carrying bride up the mountain

Snapping candid playful shots of you and your bae’s like bottling up the best kind of romance!

These spontaneous moments show off your real connection and love.

From goofy antics to stolen kisses, these pics capture all the joy and happiness you shared on your big day.

bride groom tug of war

Capture the ultimate wedding day tug of war!

With the bride and bridesmaids on one side and the groom and groomsmen on the other, it’s a playful battle for the ages.

As friends and family jokingly refuse to let go of the bride or groom, it’s a hilarious moment to be captured.

And this one’s a whole lot more fun than the usual group photos with the wedding squad!

These dreamy shots capture you and your love against the backdrop of clouds, adding a touch of whimsical romance to your album.

Whether you’re stealing a kiss, laughing with your wedding crew, or tossing the bouquet, cloudscape photographs kinda elevate your wedding memories.

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos couple on the beach wedding vows

Capturing photos of you and your love exchanging vows is an absolute must.

These heartfelt moments capture the essence of the ceremony – from the tender glances to the heartfelt words.

These photos freeze in time the beauty and emotion of the vows exchanged.

Struggling to put your feelings into words? Here are some wedding vow ideas just for you!


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Your wedding attire isn’t just any old outfit – it’s a major fashion moment!

Snapping gorgeous photos of you and your dress is a must-do.

And why not kick it up a notch? Let the stunning backdrop of your destination wedding work its magic!

Use those breathtaking views to complement your dress and take your pictures to the next level.

Be sure to tell your photographer to get every angle.

When discussing what you want with your photographer, be sure to request capturing the details.

It’s wonderful to have images of the wedding décor fully arranged before guests arrive. 

For example, the images above – we love the enchanting table setting and décor for the wedding of our couple Ariel and Varun. ✨

Also, if your bouquet holds sentimental elements like a charm honoring a loved one, inform your photographer.


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First looks are not just about the couple; they’re about the connections shared with loved ones.

Whether it’s the tearful embrace between friends, the emotional look exchanged between a father and his daughter, or the joyous reactions of your kids, each first look captures pure love and anticipation.

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Let your wedding photographer step behind the scenes and capture the laughter, nerves, and glamour.

From the final touches of makeup to the adjustments of ties, and the joyful hustle and bustle with your wedding party, these are the moments you’ll treasure forever.

bride and groom kissing under the veil

There’s something truly magical about the moment when the bride and groom share a kiss under her veil.

As the delicate fabric cascades around them, it creates a dreamy photo op that’s hard to beat.


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Whether it’s a towering tiered cake or a whimsical dessert display, these pics capture the artistry and sweetness of the celebration.

Plus, who doesn’t love drooling over delicious cake photos?!

bride and groom walking away from the camera with a mountain and lake in the background

Take a leisurely stroll away from the camera as your wedding photographer captures the moment.

This shot also provides the perfect opportunity to showcase the beauty of your wedding destination.

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Capturing those candid and wild moments at your wedding reception? Trust me, it’s an absolute game-changer!

Think about it – those shots of your grandma showing off her moves, and your best friend photobombing the cake cutting? Those are the memories you’ll want to cherish forever.

Plus, years down the line, it’ll be fun flipping through your album and seeing those hilarious, unscripted moments.

ring ceremony indian wedding

Wedding ring photography accomplishes 2 things – capturing the beauty of your wedding jewelry, and freezing moments of significance.

Whether you’ve opted for a classic gold band or a diamond stunner, your rings are emblematic of your love story.

Let’s ensure these symbols of commitment shine in your photo album.

Here are 6 Wedding Ring Photography Ideas:
  1. Capture the moments when you’re placing the wedding ring on your partner’s finger.
  2. Click pics of the rings in their original boxes.
  3. Give the camera a big smile as you peep through your rings.
  4. Embrace your partner and ask the photographer to focus on the rings.
  5. Keep your wedding rings on top of your wedding flowers and click away!
  6. Include natural elements from your destination like sand, shells, leaves, or rocks to add texture to the photos.

bride groom and their pet dog at the wedding

We personally love this one, and recommend it to couples who are pawrents.

Not only are furry friends a cherished part of the family, but they also add cuteness to the pictures!

And in case you’re considering Mexico for your destination wedding, here are 10 best pet-friendly resorts there. 🐶


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Got a fun or thoughtful or unique seating chart at your wedding?

Don’t forget to ask your wedding photographer to capture it!

Also request candid shots of your guests’ reactions as they discover their seats.

Check this out 👉 the complete guide to wedding reception seating chart etiquette.


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Shadow play adds a touch of intrigue to destination wedding photos.

These shadowy figures tell a story – whether it’s graceful poses or tender embraces, the interplay of light and shadow creates a captivating scene.

It’s both artistic and romantic, if you ask me!

wedding reception on a yacht

As your friends and family raise their glasses to celebrate you, there’s an undeniable energy in the air – a mix of excitement, nostalgia, and joy.

So ask your photographer to capture each heartfelt word and genuine smile.

It’s these authentic and unscripted moments that’ll make your wedding photography truly special.

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Carry a few of your destination wedding invitations with you.

This way, your wedding photographer can set up some beautiful shots of the words and stationery.

Not sure how your invite should look?

We handpicked these 20 destination wedding invitation ideas for you!

bride and groom creative photography

Destination weddings offer a canvas of breathtaking landscapes and captivating architecture.

Why not use them to create unique framings and perspectives?

These unique angles not only showcase the beauty of the destination but also add an artistic flair to the photos.


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Capturing photos of the wedding menu and food is a fantastic idea for a few reasons!

Firstly, it serves as a mouthwatering keepsake!

Plus, if you’ve got interactive food stations, the photos will turn out to be an absolute blast!

Cenote Cristalino at sandos caracol

Capturing photos of the destination wedding venue is a fantastic idea!

Why? Well, it’s like documenting the scenery… Like encapsulating the essence of your dream location.

From the picturesque views to the actual ceremony setup, these photos capture it all.

Need venue inspo? Check out 10 BEST wedding venues & locations in Mexico!

wedding departure shot

You, the newlyweds, hand in hand, walking off into the sunset or driving away in a vintage car, amidst a shower of confetti or sparklers, and well-wishes…

Yeah, departure shots are the perfect finale, capturing the start of your next adventure together.

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