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easy wedding decorations to make

20 Easy Wedding Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Many couples love DIY-ing some of their wedding decorations.

It just adds a touch of personality & flair. 

If you need some inspo for your big day, then you’re in the right place!

I’ve made a list of 20 wedding decorations you can make at home.

These are easy & inexpensive and can be as simple or fancy as you want. 

Ready to get started?

20 DIY Wedding Decorations

Decorations That Stand Out

Table Decorations

Guest Book As Decor

Wedding Decor Party Favors

  1. Keepsake Jars
  2. Sickness and in Health Mini Sanitizer
  3. Flip-flop Station

Our goal is to provide tips & info to make your day as unique as possible.

Now let’s dive in!

Decorations That Stand Out

1. Floral Wedding Arches

No wedding is complete without flowers!

Floral arches are a great backdrop for pictures.

They can be used as an entryway to welcome your guests…

Or use them to stand under when you say I do. 

These arches look elegant and complicated…

floral wedding arches

But you’d be surprised to find out that they’re not difficult to make. 

Here’s how you can DIY your floral wedding arch:

  • Choose your desired material of wood, pipes, or tubing.
  • Then cover it with flowers of different sizes by gluing, tying, or wrapping them to the frame

You can buy your frame premade online or at your local hardware store.

You can even find them at a home goods store!

Customize the flowers to your color palette, and add balloons, fairy lights, or curtains.

You now have a magical floral wedding arch!

2. Floral Photo Display Hoop

Next is another type of floral arrangement. 

With this, you’ll use pictures to tell your love story. 

floral photo display hoop wedding decor

Image by Ruth Eileen Photography 

The floral photo hoop lets you showcase your favorite memories as a couple. 

You can also add pictures of friends & family. 

How to make your floral photo display hoop:

  • Attach your pictures to a string or ribbon

  • Spray paint a hoop of any kind (a hula-hoop is an easy option)

  • Glue or tie flowers and other decorations around the hoop
  • Tie your picture ribbon to the top of the hoop and let them hang

This floral hoop can be attached to a stand or hung on something. 

3. Hoop Wreaths

It seems hoops are all the rage this wedding season!

Similar to the photo hoop, you can add flowers or other types of flora, ribbons, etc. around the hoop. 

floral wreath decor

Image by

Cover the hoop all the way around until it resembles a wreath.

Then hang it on a wall, use it as a welcome sign or as a prop for pictures.

Make wreaths of different sizes, from small embroidery hoops to a big hula-hoop.

You can make several or just 1!

The possibilities with this decoration are endless.

4. Hula Chandelier

Don’t worry, this is the last hoop on the list…

The simple hoop chandelier elevates any venue and is an easy way to add more lighting. 

hoop chandelier

Image by Bridal Guide

While you can customize the size for this one, I recommend going big if you really want to make a statement.

You can do this easily by using a hula-hoop. 

Like before, decorate it the way you would like, then let fairy lights hang around the hoop. 

Hang the chandelier over the tables or dance floor for a magical & cozy vibe.

5. Restroom Basket

Your guests will thank you for thinking of their comfort with a bathroom basket. 

The baskets are a friendly & useful detail to have for the reception. 

restroom basket

Image by Arabia Weddings blog 

How to make restroom baskets:
  • Fill a large basket with hygiene products and anything else you think someone might need in each restroom
  • Include things like wet wipes, lotion, baby powder, stain removers, cologne or perfume, first aid kit, tampons, mini sewing kit, and breath mints

In my opinion, this should be a common wedding staple.

Do you agree?

Tell me why or why not in the comments!

6. Eco Confetti

This eco confetti is one of my favorite ideas on this list. 

Use a mix of small dried flowers or stick to 1 type like lavender. 

Another option is punch-outs from leaves and fresh or dried flower petals. 

eco friendly confetti

Image by Mother Natured Blog

Set up a confetti bar with jars of different kinds of flowers, so the guests can make their own mix.

Or make the bags or packets yourself!

You can use the premade confetti packets as a table decoration or nameplates.

When guests throw this confetti into the air, they won’t harm the environment.

That’s because it’s natural & biodegradable!

7. Flower Wall

Flower walls are so popular that even the Kardashians use them at events…

With this DIY version, you can join the trend without spending Kardashian money. 

flower wall

Image from Pinterest 

How to make a flower wall:
  • Take a backdrop in your choice of material, shape, and size

  • Then attach as many of your favorite faux flowers as you want to the backdrop
  • Use a giant stapler, the strongest glue, hot glue gun, or even pins depending on your backdrop

Simply prop this up in your venue and you’ll have the perfect selfie backdrop!

8. Kids-Only Corner

If you plan on having kiddos at your wedding, consider a kid’s only corner.

Keep the grownups out and make the kids feel special. 

kids corner

Image from

This area is filled with treats, activities, and seating. 

The only thing you need is to buy the supplies beforehand, then set them up the day of. 

That’s almost little to no prep.

If you want to spruce it up, you can make individual kits for the kids at their special table. 

The parents will thank you as the kids will stay entertained the whole time! 

9. Bug Spray & Sunscreen Station

This one is for the couples having a sunny outdoor wedding.

For an easy do-it-at-home decoration, make a bug spray & sunscreen station. 

All you need is a basket, box, bucket, or even a bag for this project. 

bug spray and sunscreen station

Image by

You put in a few large cans of bug spray & sunscreen and label each. 

If they run out or don’t bring any, your guests now have them on hand. 

Cute & efficient! 

Table Decorations

10. Book Page Table Numbers

A personalized & stand-out detail is a book page number for each table. 


For this reception decoration, take out individual pages of a book.

book page table numbers

Image by 

Maybe an extra copy of your favorite book?

Then paint, stick or draw the number of each table on 1 or both sides. 

Put the page flat on the table or put it on a stand for a fun way to find the tables. 

This is 1 of the easiest decorations you can make at home!

11. Table Runner at Home

Table runners are super simple to put together at home. 

You’ll need a long piece of tulle or ribbon. 

Make sure it fits the length of your table, so it’s not too short. 

It looks better if you make it longer. 

diy table runner

Image by Pinterest 

If you use a tulle, you can put fairy lights under it for an enchanted look. 

Going with a ribbon or material?

Then set candles & other table centrepieces on top to compliment it. 

Or simply sprinkle it with your eco confetti.


12. Tall-Grass Arrangements

The table centerpiece stands out with this special arrangement. 

You don’t need to make many of these unless you want to. 

tallgrass arrangement

Image by 

How to make tall-grass arrangements:
  • Get any size vase or empty bottle 
  • Add tall grasses to it instead of flowers

  • Then tie each vase with a ribbon to finish 

This wedding decoration doesn’t take too much time and can be done by anyone, including me.

I am one of the least crafty people you’ll ever meet, so that’s saying something!

13. Floating Candle

A floating candle sounds magical. 

You can make a floating candle with no problem and you need only 3 things!

But you can add anything you want if you want to be extra. 

How to make a floating candle:

  • Fill a clear bowl or vase with water, leaving space at the top

  • Then put a tealight candle on top of the water where it will float

  • Most people fill the bottom with colored rocks or marbles, but you can put anything you want

Use the floating candle as a centrepiece or as part of a larger decoration.

Can it get much easier?

Guest Book as Decor

14. Art Guestbook

You don’t need to make anything with this one!

Just print a label with instructions and have a table with a large sketchbook & art supplies.

Here, guests test their art skills by painting a self-portrait or drawing as they walk into the reception. 

Image by junebug weddings 

This is such a fun way for guests of all ages to sign the guest book!

You’ll love looking through each masterpiece after the celebration.

15. Date Suggestion Jar

If you need ideas on what to put on a table, you’ll like this decoration.

0 craft skills are needed for this one. 

Image by Yellow California Ranch Wedding 

Get any jar or jars of your choice that your guests will fill up.

You’ll need to provide paper or something to write on and something to write with.

As your guests arrive, they each write a date suggestion and toss it in the jar.

You’ll be thankful for this jar when you need some date ideas in the future!

16. Marriage Building Blocks

These guestbook decorations are the easiest to make because you don’t do much. 

Guests write marriage tips on a small wooden block and then begin to stack them.

Your guests will have fun and the blocks are fun to read through later. 

marriage building blocks

Image by Build a Memory by Ginger Ray  

How to make these blocks:
  • Get a set of blocks
  • Paint them or decorate them any way you like
  • Leave a space for the guests to write their tips

Leave markers on the table and your work is done! 

17. Globe Guestbook

Do you love to travel

I have the perfect guest book idea for you!

You can buy a white globe online, or paint one white if you already have it.

guest book globe

Image by Pinterest

Your guests sign it with a marker as they walk in.

Any travel lovers or travel theme wedding should use a globe instead of a traditional guest book. 

Speaking of travel…

If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding, our blog has all the info you need to help plan your big day!

Wedding Decor Party Favors

18. Keepsake Jars

This simple wedding decoration is a great idea for beach weddings.

The only crafting you need to do for this is labelling the keepsake jars, unless you buy them labelled.

For a beach destination wedding, each guest fills the jar up with sand & shells to take home. 

No beach?

No worries! 

keepsake jars

Image by Pinterest 

If you want to do a little more work, you can fill the jars at home

Think candy, mints, glitter, seeds to plant, or anything else you want!

19. Sickness & In Health Mini Sanitizer

Travel size hand sanitizer as a party favor is especially useful. 

These are easy to DIY by buying the small sanitizers in bulk at your local store. 

You can add a sticker label or simply decorate it how you’d like.

Image by Lanser Wedding — Larissa Catherine Photography 

You’ll keep your guests safe from germs…

You can’t be too careful! 

20. Flip-flop Station

Another beach-perfect wedding favor is a flip-flop or sandal station. 

Any guests with uncomfortable shoes or simply feet that are tired from dancing will be glad for the flip-flop station. 

flip flop station

Image by MD Turner Photography 

Pick a table, basket, stand or designated area and fill it with flip-flops of different sizes. 

To go above & beyond, separate the sandals by size. 

This makes it easier for guests to find what fits them hassle-free & quickly. 

Can making decorations for your wedding be any easier?

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