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10 Best Tours to do With Your Wedding Group in Mexico (2024)

Looking for the best wedding group tours in Mexico?

You probably want something fun and unique, but you don’t know where to start…

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At, we do the research so you don’t have to.

In this article, we’ve cherry-picked the top 10 tours to do in Mexico with your wedding group.

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mexico city group tours XOCHIMILCO boats
Photo by Slight North

10 Best Tours in Mexico for Your Wedding Group

1. Private Yachts 

  1. Tulum Ruins
  2. Snorkel In-Ha and La Bocana
  3. El Cielo Cozumel Island
  4. Charter XL- Sunset Cruise

2. General Tours

  1. The Traveler’s Table Food and Drink Tour
  2. Tulum & Xel-Ha
  3. The Ultimate Playa del Carmen Taco Tour
  4. Whale Shark Tours
  5. Xoximilco Dinner Cruise
  6. Sayab Ha- Snorkeling and Mexican Craft Beer Tour

To make it easier for you, I’ve separated this list into 2 sections

The 1st section (Private Yachts) is great for an intimate setting exclusively for your group. 

The 2nd section is made up of general tours that will not be exclusive to your group.

You can expect the possibility of other people joining the tour.

Makes sense?

Let’s get into it!

1. Private Yachts

1. Tulum Ruins

tulum ruins yacht group tour mexico



Photo by Riviera Elite

1st on our list is the private yacht tour to see the Tulum Ruins!

These famous Mayan ruins are a must-see when visiting Mexico. 

This tour includes a professional guide, lunch, and drinks service.

You and your group will enjoy a cruise from Puerto Aventuras Marina to the perfect spot with a spectacular view of the Tulum Ruins. 

After enjoying the view, the next stop is La Bocana. 

This beautiful location has crystal clear waters where you and your crew can swim, snorkel, and even fish

Don’t worry about bringing extra equipment. 

The yacht has everything you need on board! 


  • 1-15 people: $2500 
  • 16-20 people: $100 surcharge per person
  • VIP: $4000

Food & Drink: 

  • Tours include an open bar with beer, vodka, rum, tequila, juice, soft drinks, and water.
  • Snacks are served including chips, as well as ceviche and cheeseburgers (depending on the tour)
  • VIP has a premium bar with top-shelf beverages plus special menu options with choices between Japanese, Italian, Fusion, International, or Mexican Cuisine
  • VIP options with a private chef, upgraded bar, champagne, and various services like a private masseuse are also available upon request

Length of Tour

  • 8 hours

2. Snorkel In-Ha and La Bocana

Next, we have the option to snorkel In-Ha and still get the La Bocana experience

Leaving from Puerto Aventuras, you’ll head towards the In-Ha reef. 

This sheltered reef is where you will snorkel with turtles and tropical fish

You get an onboard bartender who makes sure you have refreshments to replenish your energy. 

yacht lounge area



Photo by Northrop & Johnson

Then, you’ll head to La Bocana, where you can swim and snorkel some more, fish, or relax in the yacht lounge

Get a good catch?

The onboard chef will prepare your catch of the day with a specialty secret family sauce to enjoy. 

Your crew will have a wonderful time with plenty of options for activities or lounging around. 


  • 1-15 people: $1600 
  • 16-20 people: $100 surcharge per extra person 
  • VIP: $3000

Food & Drink: 

  • All tours include an open bar with beer, vodka, rum, tequila, juice, soft drinks, and water.
  • Fresh ceviche prepared with shrimp and fish. Cheeseburgers and snacks are also available. 
  • VIP has a premium bar with beverages such as Grey Goose, Moet, and Don Julio, plus special menu options with choices between international cuisines.

Length of Tour

  • 5 hours

3. El Cielo Cozumel Island

This next tour takes you to the Island of Cozumel. 

El Cielo Cozumel Island, which means heaven, is appropriately named. 

A true paradise, the famous Cozumel Island is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island.

Your wedding group will love swimming and snorkelling here for its stunning views

yacht dive snorkelling underwater



Photo by Yachting World

That’s not all! 

You can get up close and personal with the starfish.

Or enjoy the breathtaking vibrant and colorful coral reefs. 

Your tour includes a professional guide, VIP options, drinks, lunch, and snacks


  • 1-15 people: $2500 
  • 16-20 people: $100 surcharge per person
  • VIP: upon request

Food & Drink: 

  • Tours include an open bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic options
  • Snacks including chips, cheeseburgers and ceviche, depending on the tour
  • VIP options with a private chef, upgraded bar, champagne, and services like a private masseuse are available upon request.

Length of Tour

  • 8 hours

4. Charter XL – Sunset Cruise

If your group is into more chill vibes, this sunset cruise is made for you.

As the name suggests, you can take your group on a cruise along the coastline and watch a beautiful Caribbean sunset.

sunset cruise mexico



Photo by Viator

This luxury liner has onboard amenities to make the most of a magical, low-key night. 

This includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and a movie library.

Munch on fresh seasonal fruit, homemade guac & chips, and pico de gallo in a climate-controlled lounge with AC.

They also have snorkel gear onboard and paddle-boards are available upon request! 

What more can you ask for?


  • 1-15 people: $1250
  • 16-43 people: $75 surcharge per person
  • Custom Charters: upon request, prices vary
  • Additional hour(s): $500 USD/hour
  • Transport: $15 for Playa del Carmen area, $20 for Cancun and Tulum area

Food & Drink: 

  • The cruise has alcoholic and non-alcoholic options: beer, rum, vodka, tequila, wine, soda, juice, and water.
  • Food and snacks include fresh salad (chef’s choice), fresh tacos (chicken or pork), salsa & more fixings.

Length of Tour

  • 2 hours

General Tours

1. The Traveler’s Table: Food & Drink Tour

This tour is a fun journey through time. 

Filled with gastronomy, storytelling and fun, you’ll get to know the food influences of the past

Taste the evolution of food and drink in Mexico, from the Mayan empire to today

the travelers table

Experience the flavors of Spain, Africa, and the Middle East that have influenced Mexican food

You and your group will share a 5-course meal that is paired with wines, mescals, and tequilas.

This tasty tour is not suitable for children, but it is a fantastic time for adults. 

Your taste buds will thank you! 


  • Adult 18+: $139
  • Private tours are available for groups of 12 or more. 

Length of Tour

  • Available only in Riviera Maya on Thursday’s and Tuesday’s
  • 3 hours, ends at 9:30 PM

2. Tulum & Xel-Ha

Go to the picturesque village of Tulum to see the enchanting Mayan ruins.

Here, you get a guided tour and free time to look around and get your perfect selfie.

Then, you’ll head to the Eco-park Xel Ha to snorkel with tropical fish. 

xel-ha group tours zip lining mexico



Photo by Canada Transfers

Your wedding group has the pick from several activities. 

For the adrenaline junkies in your group, there is a lazy river, rope bridge, zip lines, and a cliff of courage. 

For the little ones, there is a playground area and water slide.

Finally, for those who are more laid back, there are bicycles and hammock gardens

This tour is great for people with different interests.


  • Adult: $159.99
  • Child (5-11): $80
  • Infant (0-4): Free

Length of Tour

  • Daily full day
  • Pick up between 8 am-9 am; return between 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

3. The Ultimate Playa del Carmen Taco Tour 

The foodies in your group will thank you for finding this secret tour

Take a stroll through a local fruit and veggie market, followed by meats for your traditional tacos

Learn how to make authentic tortillas and salsas rich in Mexico’s cultural significance and history.

Finally, enjoy one of Mexico’s oldest drinks called Pulque and a dessert stop. 

Be sure to bring some extra money for the 1 hour of shopping you’ll do while exploring the famous 5th avenue

Sadly, this tour isn’t the best option for vegetarians or vegans in the group.


  • Adult: $99
  • Child (8-12): $89
  • Private tour available with minimum time requirement

Length of Tour

  • Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s 4 hours
  • Pick up at 5 PM and return at 9 PM

4. Whale Shark Tours

Don’t let the word shark intimidate you! 

It may sound scary, but these are gentle giants we’re talking about here.

Every summer, the whale sharks migrate to the islands off of Cancun.

And if you’re here between June and September, you can take advantage of the migration and see these creatures up close and personal. 

This tour includes breakfast and lunch with vegetarian options. 

It also includes non-alcoholic drinks.

This tour will leave you in awe as you swim alongside the nicest, magnificent monsters of the ocean. 


  • Adult: $199
  • Child (4-11): $179
  • Mandatory reef preservation fee: $13

Length of Tour

  • Not specified

5. Xoximilco Dinner Cruise

Xoximilco is pronounced SO-SHE-milk-coe

This delightful dinner cruise lets you experience a unique celebration in the jungle aboard wooden Gondola-style boats.

The colorful and brightly lit gondolas have seating for up to 20 people per trajinera, including a gondolier and a guide.

This fiesta under las Estrellas (the stars) is an unparalleled event!

You and your group will taste extraordinary Mexican cuisine, from grasshoppers to Oaxaca cheese and more.

This night will be filled with traditional folk music, good eats, and dancing

What else do you need for a night to remember?


  • Adult: $119.99
  • Child (5-11): $59.99

Length of Tour

  • Monday – Saturday nights
  • Number of hours not specified

6. Sayab Ha – Snorkeling & Mexican Craft Beer Tour

Sayah-Ha is a unique adventure where your group snorkels 2 coral reefs in Puerto Morelos.

Marvel at the Riviera Maya’s most remarkable ecosystems

After snorkelling with the colorful fish, you have free time to explore the gorgeous Puerto Morelos.

Upgrade your adventure for $20, and you get a guided tour of a local brewery.

Here, you’ll sample some of the finest Mexican craft beers in the region, learn how the beer is made, and get to taste 4 different beers.

The beer is complemented with tasty German sausage.

You and your group will have a spectacular time enjoying both land and the sea



  • Adult: $69
  • Child (5-11): $49
  • Private group tours are available for groups of 8 or more from Monday to Saturday

Length of Tour

  • Half-day tour operates on Thursday’s (5 hours)
  • Half-day tour DOES NOT include the brewery
  • Full-day tour operates on Friday’s (6 hours)

What Do You Bring to a Group Tour?

Most tours provide the necessary equipment for snorkelling and fishing activities upon request

However, I still advise double-checking with our specialists to be sure.

To make it easy on you, I made a checklist of things to bring!


  1. Bathing suits (under your clothes is fine) for snorkelling and swimming activities.
  2. Bring extra money for tips, souvenirs, transportation to and from the resort, or any park fees.
  3. Towels – most tours provide them, but it is good to have them just in case
  4. Comfortable shoes for walking
  5. Hat and sunglasses. Safety first!
  6. Biodegradable sunscreen (to help maintain a healthy habitat for sea life)
  7. Snacks and water
  8. Nausea medication for those who get sea or motion sickness

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