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Weddings at The Fives Beach Residences | My Review 2024

So, will you dream wedding happen at The Fives Beach Residences?

Is it the perfect spot?

You’ll soon find out because our team of wedding planners are here to help.

We’ve planned 100s of weddings… and I’ve got the inside scoop for you.

You’ll discover wedding packages, venues, and activities from this 5-star all-inclusive resort.

Ready to peel back the curtain?

Let’s dive in…

fives beach outdoors

Imagine a luxurious retreat with a pristine white sand private beach

The Fives Beach Residences is a stunning resort nestled on the shores of the Caribbean. 

Impressive modern architecture is surrounded by an idyllic landscape. 

Dana, our wedding specialist, believes the interiors and décor of this hotel surpass those of similar resorts in the region.

Tropical forest and tranquil freshwater cenotes surround you. 

Put simply, it’s paradise. 

You get amazing views of the Yucatan Peninsula wrapped in a package that includes luxury suites, gourmet dining and 7 pools to relax by.

Are Residences All-Inclusive?

At the Fives Beach Residences, you get all the all-inclusive services and activities with the All Senses Inclusive® experience. 

How Much Does it Cost to Stay There?

The cost for staying at the Fives Beach Residences depends on when you stay and which accommodation you choose. 

On average, it costs around $180 – $300 per person per night. 

fives beach residences interior

How Far is it From Cancun International?

The Fives Beach Residences is only a 35 – 40 minute drive from Cancun International Airport. 

There’s more great news too…

The resort is less than a mile from downtown Playa Del Carmen! 

You’ll definitely want to explore the restaurants and nightlife there.

Is there an Airport Shuttle?

A shuttle service is provided by the Fives Beach Residences. 

I’d recommend this as your best option, as it gets you from the airport to resort quickly and comfortably. 

You can book in advance and have complete peace of mind. 

2. Wedding Packages

Looking for a place where you can have the wedding your heart yearns for?

You get the choice of 3 dedicated wedding packages at The Fives Beach Residences. 

Our wedding specialist Alison loves their Honey Money Program. 

She says, “couples get cash-back rewards for each room reserved within their group!”

beach gazebo wedding ceremony mexico couple kissing

Wedding Package Services Include:

  • Expert wedding coordinator at the resort to make sure everything is in place for you. 
  • Complimentary Spa Bridal Suite.
  • Groom’s Room with gourmet bites. 
  • Registration of documents. 
  • Witnesses. 
  • Semi-private group dinner. 
  • Personalized printed menu.
  • Romantic location for the ceremony. 
  • White garden chairs. 
  • Bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere 
  • Oceanfront candlelit dinner for the wedding couple 
  • Romantic decorations in chosen suite. 
  • Non-denominational minister. 
  • Wedding certificate. 

Each package includes some extras to these features and there are choices to suit all budgets.

How Much do Weddings Here Cost?

Here’s how much wedding packages cost at the Fives Beach Residences: 

I love the fact that there are options for all couples with various budgets.

3. Ceremony & Reception Venue

It’s not just the wedding packages that come with a seriously impressive amount of choice. 

I was blown away by the ceremony and reception options at this resort. 

I think you will be too! 

You can say “I do” with the sand beneath your feet, walk hand in hand down a romantic pier, celebrate your love amidst lush garden scenery

The list goes on. 

beachfront gazebo wedding ceremony mexico fives beach

Can’t wait to hear more?

Your wish is my command. 

1. Beach 

Want a ceremony that’s naturally stunning?

You can share your love against this stunning Caribbean backdrop

Cost: Beach weddings are included in your package. 

weddings at fives beach

Ceremony capacity: 150 people. 

Banquet capacity: 200 people. 

Cocktail capacity: 200 people. 

Ideal for a romantic ceremony and celebration surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean. 

2. Beachfront Gazebo

Want a beach wedding with an extra splash of decor?

The Beachfront Gazebo gives you just that. 

Cost: $1,000 for the ceremony and $15 per person for the reception. 

the fives beach residences beachfront gazebo

Ceremony capacity: 100 people. 

Banquet capacity: 70 people. 

Cocktail capacity: 150 people. 

Ideal for the romance of a beach wedding with a touch of bling. 

3. Grand Garden 

Love the idea of being surrounded by a tropical green landscape when you marry?

Then this palm-embellished Grand Garden location is perfect for you. 

Cost: Garden ceremonies are included in your wedding package. 

grand garden weddings at the fives beach residences

Ceremony capacity: 100 people. 

Banquet capacity: 150 people. 

Cocktail capacity: 200 people. 

Ideal for couples who love swaying palms and jungle landscapes. 

4. Sky Wedding 

Dream of a destination wedding that’s a perfect slice of paradise?

Just take a look at the Sky Wedding option. 

It’s gorgeous! 

Cost: $1,800 for the ceremony and $15 per person for the reception. 

sky weddings at fives beach

Ceremony capacity: 100 people. 

Banquet capacity: 100 people. 

Cocktail capacity: 150 people. 

Ideal for a destination wedding that’s all about elegance and style. 

5. Pier 

Searching for a destination wedding that’s a little quirky and different?

I’d like to give a shout out to this pier option for fun, intimate weddings. 

pier weddings ceremony fives beach

Cost: $400

Ceremony capacity: 20 people. 

Banquet capacity: 20 people. 

Cocktail capacity: 30 people. 

Ideal for creating amazing memories with a smaller intimate wedding

6. Ballroom

Want to celebrate your love with your family and friends?

The ballroom is the perfect place to bring everyone together. 

Cost: Ballroom celebrations are included in your wedding package. 

ballroom weddings at fives beach residences

Banquet capacity: 150 people. 

Cocktail capacity: 180 people. 

Ideal for celebrating with a large wedding party group. 

7. Club 82

Aspire to a luxury destination wedding with magical touches?

Club 82 is the ideal location for some extra sparkle. 

Cost: $2,000 returnable in champagne bottles. 

club 82 weddings

Ceremony capacity: 100 people. 

Banquet capacity: 70 people. 

Cocktail capacity: 150 people. 

Ideal for a magical indoor ceremony and reception. 

8. Sky Terrace 

Want to sip cocktails with the bridal party after the ceremony?

You can do just that on the Sky Terrace with stunning Caribbean views as a backdrop. 

Cost: The Sky Terrace is included in your wedding package. 

sky terrace weddings in mexico

Cocktail capacity: 100 people. 

Ideal for a post ceremony cocktail party. 

9. Pool Deck 

Love the vibe you get in the center of a resort?

Well, you can savor the buzz with a reception on the Pool Deck. 

Cost: The Pool Deck is included in your wedding package. 

pool deck weddings in mexico

Capacity reception: 150 people. 

Capacity cocktail: 200 people. 

Ideal for fun and relaxed celebrations with the people you love. 

10. Oriola Beach Grill

Looking for a colorful space to have your destination wedding reception?

Check out the simple but beautiful surroundings of the Oriola Beach Grill. 

oriola beach grill wedding ceremony in mexico

Cost: The Oriola Beach Grill is included in your wedding package. 

Reception capacity: 80 people.

Cocktail capacity: 160 people.

4. Gay Weddings

The Fives Beach Residences is proud to welcome couples for gay weddings. 

The most popular choice is for couples to have a symbolic ceremony at the resort. 

You can do all of the official paperwork at home. 

gay wedding

All you have to do is focus on enjoying your Caribbean experience. 

You can also choose to have a legal same-sex marriage in Mexico. 

But, a little extra planning and paperwork is needed. 

Need any help?

We’re just a phone call away.

Call us at 877-737-0177 to get in touch with one of our wedding specialists.

5. Rooms Types

I know that destination weddings aren’t just about the ceremony. 

Your accommodation needs to be amazing too.

Well I have good news…

The accommodation at Fives Beach Residences doesn’t disappoint. 

I especially have a soft spot for the penthouse suites

They’re to die for. 

Our wedding specialist, Pamela, raves, “The rooms are amazing – perfect for families. The strength of this hotel lies in its impressive rooms and residences!”

Which Room Amenities are Available?

As a starting point, the accommodation at The Fives Beach Residences includes a kitchenette, minibar, LCD smart TV with streaming apps, and air conditioning. 

Plus, the decor is stylish and fresh as you can see…

room at fives beach residences

You’ll love the attention to detail at this resort with furnished balconies or terraces giving you amazing views across the gardens or pools. 

For extra indulgence, the suites have modern interiors with a separate living space, kitchen, and dining space. 

Want to take a look inside?

Here’s a sneak peak…

1. Deluxe Room 

The deluxe rooms at Fives Beach Residences have all the luxury you’d expect from an all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen. 

These rooms have 2 double beds or 1 king size bed. 

You also get plenty of closet space for wedding outfits or accessories. 

2. 1 Bedroom & Penthouses

These residences have a maximum occupancy of 2 adults and 2 children.

There are 3 options available:

1 bedroom and penthouses at fives beach

  • 1 bedroom residence
  • Swim-up residence
  • Penthouse residence. 

Here’s the penthouse version with a pergola, barbecue grill, and whirlpool tub for 2. 

3. 2 Bedroom & Penthouses

Have guests who are traveling with children?

These accommodation options are ideal for families.

The maximum occupancy is 4 adults and 2 children. 

There are 2 options for this accommodation:

  • 2 Bedroom Residences
  • 2 Bedroom Penthouse Residences 

room interior at fives beach

Take a look at the indoor dining space in 1 of these residences…

In the penthouse version, you also get outside dining on a rooftop deck. 

4. 3 Bedroom & Penthouses

Looking for a space where groups can stay together?

There’s plenty of room in this accommodation together with the luxury you’d expect. 

The maximum occupancy is 6 adults and 2 children. 

penthouse at fives beach

For this accommodation, you have 2 different choices:

  • 3 Bedroom Residences
  • 3 Bedroom Penthouse Residences

You can see how stunning the contemporary interiors are…

I love the special touches like art lamps, sculptures, and paintings. 

6. Beach

Imagining a beach with fine white sand and amazing Caribbean views?

The private beach at Fives Beach Residences gives you that and more. 

You can hang out and enjoy the great amenities at the Beach Club. 

beach beds with shade

This beachfront space is home to restaurants, bars and comfortable sun loungers. 

You can even hold your wedding at Oriola Beach Club or the Sky Deck

Savor the laid-back atmosphere and the spectacular sea views. 

If you want the best of the best, check out our post:

5 Resorts With The Best Beach For Your Wedding in Mexico.

7. Food & Drink

You get a fully international dining experience at this resort. 

Countries represented include Mexico, Asia, France, Italy and Peru

And the food is all prepared with finesse, as you can see…

chicken avocado tacos

There are 11 places to eat at The Fives Beach Residences. 

They include Arezzo for Tuscan cuisine, made to order ceviche at Oriola Beach Grill, and flavors of the Mediterranean at Sea Olive. 

After dining, you can head to 1 of the 6 bars at the resorts. 

You may want to sip cocktails by the infinity pool with your bridesmaids. 

beachfront cocktails

For some alone time with your partner, head to the chic gin bar for evening G&Ts. 

Every bar and eatery has its own distinct vibe, so there’s sure to be something for all your guests to enjoy. 

8. Activities & Entertainment

Your wedding is obviously going to be the center of everyone’s attention.

But, your destination wedding is about more than just a few hours right? 

There has to be something to keep everyone entertained for the whole stay. 

Wondering what there is to do at The Fives Beach Residences?

Where do I start?

As it turns out, with scuba diving...

I love checking out the underwater landscape — it’s so calming. 

And, if you’ve never scuba dived before, you can learn!

scuba diving underwater girl peace sign

If you’d rather stay above the surface, there are 7 amazing pools to explore. 

Then, there’s the obligatory ‘me time’. 

It’s a special occasion for you so a little pampering and relaxation at Fives Spa is a must. 

There’s also The Fives Plaza at the heart of the resort. 

It’s the ideal place to eat, drink, work out at the fitness center, or grab a coffee and watch the world go by. 

Have Wedding Guests Who Need Activities for their Kids?

You don’t need to worry about the younger members of your party feeling left out. 

The Kids Club Playhouse is the place for kids aged 4-12 to join in with activities such as fitness classes, arts and crafts, and video games. 

There’s also a toy room and a kids pool.

kids sipping drinks in the pool

For little ones with style. 

Which Popular Attractions are Close to the Hotel?

Want to venture away from the amenities of the resort?

I hear you. 

It’s good to spread your wings and see the sights of the area. 

The Fives Beach Residences are less than 1 mile from downtown Playa Del Carmen. 

You can check out the food and entertainment there. 

For other sights and attractions, you’ll need to venture a little further…  

There are more than 50 natural and cultural attractions!

And nature park Xcaret is just 16.7 km away.  

9. What Brides Said...

“We decided to have our wedding at the Fives and we were thoroughly pleased at the level of service, as well as safety precautions, that the resort took during our visit…The entire staff at the resort was friendly and accommodating and they consistently remembered us day to day with the variety of activities/lounging we were doing.”



wedding planner and bride

“All 46 of our wedding guests stayed from December 11th-20th. Although a few hiccups along the way, not only did the wedding team make our wedding an absolute DREAM. But they also made me fall in love with Mexico again. I’ve been to a few resorts in Mexico but nothing can compare to the hard work and warm attitude all the employees put into making staying at the fives great.”


10. Why We Like It

We’re always completely honest and open at

You’ll never see us recommending any resorts, accommodation, or wedding packages that we don’t love. 

And we’ll always point out what you should know. 

Good and a little less good. 

So, here’s my take on The Fives Beach Residences as a destination wedding choice. 

I love:

  • The array of stunning wedding venues available. 
  • Downtown Playa Del Carmen is within easy reach. 
  • Dining and drinking experiences for all tastes. 
  • Penthouse suites with the ultimate luxury feel and incredible rooftop views. 
  • Activities for younger guests aged 4-12. 

I will say that sights like the Ruins of Tulum are not on the doorstep. 

I did not love:

  • Service and convenience issues – had to walk halfway through the resort to find beach towels!
  • Their wedding team is tough to work with.

dinner for two on waterfront pier

But that’s not a problem because we’ll make sure you get tours and activities to entertain everyone. 

You and your guests can choose the experiences you want. 

"Awesome venues, reasonable prices of wedding packages. Absolutely love the Honey Money program with wedding credits. So cool!"

11. Need Help Planning?

Don’t do this alone!

Speak to our team of experience planners at

We have all the expert insights and contacts needed to get you a great deal.

Share you vision and we’ll get to work finding you that perfect resort.

Give us a call at 877-737-0177 or contact us here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi, I'm Sarah! Need help deciding which resort is right for your wedding? I've been reviewing wedding resorts for 5+ years with the help of our team here at Have questions? Get honest answers in the comments, or contact our award-winning agency for help today!


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    Hi, we was just looking at a rough price for a wedding in Mexico, the gazebo wedding looks a good start, just enquiring roughly how much this would cost or if you recommend anywhere else, it would only be a small wedding with roughly 15-20 guests.
    Also we only recently returned from Riu tequila in playa del carmen and we did see a couple of beach weddings, are there any private areas for beach weddings?
    Many thanks.

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