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Why Us? | Perks of Working with Paradise Weddings

So you’re thinking about a destination wedding? 

You’ll want help getting organized!

With over 100’s destination weddings under our belt, our team at doesn’t just mean you get advice… it means we hold your hand every step of the way!

Does a no-stress sound dreamy? 

Well then, keep reading to see other reasons to choose us!

We want the best for you.

This is why we only work with the best resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean! 

Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive wedding package or want an a-la-carte experience, our team is heavily qualified for both. 

pueblo bonito resort wedding

So you may be wondering what parts of Mexico we specialize in. 

We help plan weddings mostly for the west coast and east coast of Mexico, including these cities: 

  1. Cancun
  2. Playa Mujeres
  3. Riviera Maya
  4. Playa del Carmen
  5. Tulum 
  6. Cabo
  7. Puerto Vallarta

Thinking Caribbean? We got you! Jamaica, Dominican Republic, St.Lucia, you name it.

We can also provide our services for weddings in other tropical spots such as Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica!

Why work with a wedding team when you can just do it all yourself? 

Because you’re busy and life gets in the way and you deserve the wedding of your dreams!

With the help of, every detail for your big day gets the attention it needs. 

You must be wondering how this works. We’re so glad you asked!

riviera maya wedding ceremony

8 ways we may your life easier!
1. Getting help choosing the resort

You’ll share your style and vision and we’ll help you narrow it down from 80+ to the perfect one. We’ll hold your hand through the entire process.

We also know what resorts to avoid and will give you the honest truth!

2. Finding the perfect wedding package
Once you’ve found the resort, it’s time to choose the right wedding package. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of these resort packages, so you’ll get what you’re looking for and expecting.
3. Securing the date with the resort

Once you’ve decided on the resort and package, there’s a mad rush to block your wedding date with a contract. You’ll want that contract to be in your favor. We’ll be your pitbull.

4. Negotiating Rates

Don’t you love a good negotiation? We do. We’ve also organized 100’s of destination weddings in Mexico which gives us an experience that you can benefit from. 

5. Securing rooms and rates for your guests

Imagine this: your guests wait too long to book, then the resort is sold out. 

Not fun and it happens! We’ll secure rooms with a room block so you and your guests don’t have to stress. 

6. Concierge for your guests

Do you really want your guests nagging you for everything? (No thanks) You’ll get a designated team of travel coordinators assigned to your group so all their questions get funneled our way.

They’ll handle everything from booking the right accommodation to “make sure your passport is valid” kind of handholding. 

7. We’ll save you time and money

Who has extra time for all of the above? We do.

Who will help you avoid landmines along the way and save you money? We will.

Who will rub your grandma’s aching feet the day after the wedding? Not us, but we can set up some self-care time for her at the spa. 

8. Your problems are our problems

We will do everything humanly possible to make sure everything goes as planned and our reviews reflect that.

But on the off chance that things ever go wrong, our team has you and your guests back. 

We have relationships with the resorts and can deal with this for you. Hey, we may even go HAM on them. Anything for you!

This is your wedding and it’s our pleasure to help you every step of the way.

We don’t just claim to know what resorts we’re talking about—we actually do!

We visit all resorts we recommend to make sure they are perfect for our couples. 

And our team can make that happen because the resorts are in our backyard. 

We are based in Playa del Carmen which is conveniently located between Cancun and Tulum in the Riviera Maya, 3 resort hotspots!

hilton playa del carmen

There are many benefits to being locally based. 

You may want to see the resort and venues prior to committing. To make things easier, we organize the site inspection and usually attend it with you!

We also have unique relationships with management at these resort so when any issues arise, we hope on a call to resolve them.

Whatever you need us, we will be there. 

Free? Really? 

We swear!

Our services are comparable to a travel agency. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we book everything for you at preferred rates!

dreams sapphire wedding

We know weddings can be pricey and budgets can be tight. 

At the end of the day, our reward is seeing you enjoying your special moment!

When you know what you want, you don’t want to settle for anything less. 

That’s why our team of wedding specialists at figuring out ways to get you. How? Experience in resort packages, time-of-year discounts, etc.

Our relationships with the resorts allow us to make sure things progress smoothly as well. 

iberostar tucan wedding

There are a few pricing aspects of your wedding with wiggle room. 

While most of the time packages can’t be negotiated as they are a set price, sometimes you can negotiate bridal suites and additional concessions. 

Depending on how many rooms you’ll need, your wedding specialist can try and get a certain percentage off or even more in the off-season.

Plus, some resorts already have great deals such as for every 10 rooms booked, you get one free!

We know it’s not our day to remember; it’s yours. 

Whether you have food allergies, a tight budget, or even need a pet-friendly resort, we completely accommodate your requests. 

Our wedding specialists are equipped to handle anything thrown at them. 

paradisus la perla resort

Plus, we deal with many different types of weddings and know what to expect!

The kinds of ceremonies we’re experienced in planning: 
  1. Symbolic ceremonies
  2. Catholic ceremonies
  3. Both Sikh and Hindu
  4. Non-denominational ceremonies
  5. LGBTQ+ ceremonies
  6. Civil ceremonies
  7. Elopement ceremonies
  8. Interfaith ceremonies

Yes, we may be tooting our own horn but couples and their guests seem to agree… we deliver an excellent experience.

We have over 100 reviews, and a 5-star experiences which makes our team exceptionally proud!

Our business is to make sure your special day happens without a hitch.

We have mentioned our team throughout this entire article. 

So now you finally get to meet them!

team collage consists of talented wedding specialists and travel coordinators, managers, and administrators whose sole goal is to help deliver the best destination wedding experiences. 

Now that you’ve seen who we are…

Do you want to really meet the team? You can see the team here or just work with us as your destination wedding planners.

Congrats! Wedding planning just got way easier for you. 

Our entire team at can help you every step of the way. 

All you need to do is reach out!

Call us today at 877-737-0177 or contact us here for your free consultation.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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    We are staying at Bahia principe akumal. 4/25-4/30. We aren’t engaged yet but we know for sure we are doing Mexico for our destination. Is it crazy that I’m contacting you now? I just Feel like we should look at some resorts while we are there.

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