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10 Best Destination Wedding Resorts in Mexico

Looking for an awesome destination wedding resort in Mexico?

You’re in luck!

Our team of certified wedding planners has compiled this list of the BEST wedding resorts in Mexico, just for you.

You’ll find everything you need here – all-inclusive packages, pricing details, and even venue pics.

Excited? Let’s dive in!

The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences playa del carmen

We feel like The Fives Beach is a piece of paradise, complete with its own private beach!

It’s surrounded by lush tropical forest and peaceful cenotes… So we bet your views will be breathtaking!

And this resort has everything you could ever want for a destination wedding – delicious food, fun activities, and a lot of pools to make a splash.

There’s also a swim-up bar to quench your thirst!

Our certified wedding specialist Alison loves their Honey Money Program. 

She explains, “couples get cash-back rewards for each room reserved within their group.”

Some key points:

✓ 475 apartment-style suites
✓ 10 restaurants (Italian, Mexican, Thai, cafe etc.)
✓ 4 bars, including a swim-up bar and a beachfront bar
✓ Spa
✓ Fitness center
✓ 7 pools
✓ Kids Club Playhouse
✓ Baby Amenities like strollers, cribs, bottle warmer and sterilizer, baby monitor, highchairs etc.
✓ Plenty of activities (Mexican cuisine cooking classes, golf, scuba diving, snorkeling etc.)

the fives beach residences riviera maya wedding venues

2 Wedding Packages: 

The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences offers 2 lovely wedding packages.

  1. Sweet Love – $1,250 for 40 guests
  2. Our Dream Wedding – $2,950 for 40 guests

You can definitely invite more loved ones for $25 per person.

the fives beach hotel and residences

5 Wedding Venues:

You’ll find 5 delightful wedding venues at this resort.

  1. Beach – up to 150 guests
  2. Beachfront Gazebo – up to 100 guests
  3. The Pier – up to 20 guests
  4. Grand Garden – up to 100 guests
  5. Sky Wedding – up to 100 guests

You’ll also find many cocktail hour and reception ceremony venues here. Check them out at weddings at Fives Beach Hotel & Residences!

Now Emerald Cancun resort

Looking for an unlimited-luxury experience for you and your wedding guests?

Look no further than the Now Emerald Cancun!

You’ll find this resort right on a gorgeous white sandy beach, offering rooms and suites with amazing views of the garden, lagoon, and ocean.

You’ll love the delicious food and drinks at the resort’s restaurants and bars.

And there are lots activities to keep everyone entertained, from land sports to kids clubs to even designated adults-only areas.

Some key points:

✓ 427 rooms and suites
✓ 8 restaurants (Mediterranean, Pan-Asian, Mexican etc.)
✓ 8 bars, including a swim-up bar
✓ Fitness center
✓ Spa
✓ 3 heated pools
✓ Kids’ and Teens’ clubs
✓ Plenty of activities (scuba diving, tequila tastings, cooking classes, water sports etc.)

now emerald cancun wedding venues

5 Wedding Packages:
  1. Your Moments – FREE, or $999 for 10 guests 
  2. Elope In Luxury – $1,100 for you two
  3. Now To Eternity  – $3,399 for 25 guests 
  4. Divine – $3,799 for 25 guests 
  5. Beyond Memorable – $7,500 for 79 guests, $11,999 for 100 guests 

Want to invite more guests? You can do that for $9 to $125 per person, depending on the package. 

Now Emerald Cancun wedding venue

Wedding and Reception Venues:
  1. Beach – up to 100 guests
  2. Albatross Pergola – up to 90 guests
  3. Prosperity Columns/Albatross Terrace – up to 80 guests
  4. Sunset Terrace – up to 100 guests
  5. Spice Restaurant – up to 100 guests
  6. Seagull Gazebo – up to 20 guests
  7. Sushi Terrace – up to 90 guests
  8. The Mix – up to 50 guests
  9. Sunset Pool – up to 90 guests
  10. Wayak Terrace – up to 80 guests
  11. Endless Terrace – up to 80 guests

Check out the amazing packages and venue details at Now Emerald Cancun here.

Sensira Resort & Spa Riviera Maya

The Sensira Resort & Spa is a mesmerizing resort in Riviera Maya.

The luxurious facilities and amenities here ensure your stay is comfortable.

And you’ll love the resort’s breathtaking view of the beach.

Plus the staff here is incredibly friendly and attentive, making your stay even more special.

The rooms and suites here always leave us impressed!

And guests love the on-site restaurants and bars.

This all-inclusive luxury resort is definitely an unforgettable destination for weddings.

Some key points:

✓ 359 beautiful rooms and suites
✓ 8 restaurants (French, Italian, Mexican etc.)
✓ 5 bars, including an adults-only club
✓ Spa
✓ Fitness center
✓ Aquapark for kids
✓ 3 infinity pools, including an infinity pool
✓ Semi-private, white-sand beach

Sensira Resort & Spa Riviera Maya wedding venues

3 Wedding Packages:

The Sensira Resort & Spa offers 3 fantastic wedding packages that suit every budget.

  1. Pearl – $1,600 for 10 guests
  2. Ivory – $4,999 for 40 guests
  3. Diamond – $13,500 for 50 guests

Additional guests can be invited for $115 per guest.

pool terrace at Sensira Resort & Spa Riviera Maya

Wedding and Reception Venues:
  1. Grand Salon Sensira – up to 650 guests
  2. Sunset Terrace – up to 120 guests
  3. Bodas Pool Terrace – up to 12 guests
  4. Topacio – up to 150 guests
  5. Beach – up to 200 guests

Love this resort? Check out the package details at Sensira Resort & Spa weddings here

hyatt ziva los cabos resort

You’ll find Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos right by one of the most amazing beaches in Cabo!

Their rooms? So spacious!

The food? Absolutely delicious!

And the bars? They serve the best drinks and cocktails ever!

Oh, and don’t even get me started on their fabulous wedding packages and venues!

Some key points:

✓ 591 spacious rooms and suites, including swim-up suites
✓ 4 pools, including an infinity pool, and 2 hot tubs
✓ 7 restaurants (Asian, French, Italian etc.)
✓ 7 bars, including a swim-up bar
✓ Spa
✓ Fitness center
✓ KidZ Club
✓ Water park
✓ Plenty of activities (Water aerobics, sports, live entertainment etc.)

hyatt ziva los cabos wedding venues

5 Wedding Packages:

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos has for you 5 wonderful wedding packages. 

  1. Just For the Two of You – FREE or $589 for you two 
  2. Intimate Elegance – FREE or $1,499 for 10 guests 
  3. Lavish & Opulent – $5,569 for 20 guests 
  4. Lavish & Opulent Premium – $6,099 for 20 guests 
  5. Luxury – $12,500 for 38 guests 

Note – these are weekday prices. Weekend rates differ.

Additional guests can be invited for $30 to $95, depending on the wedding package.

hacienda beach hyatt ziva los cabos

Wedding and Reception Venues:
  1. Grand Peninsula Ballroom – up to 150 guests
  2. Breakout Rooms – up to 144 guests
  3. Hacienda Beach – up to 250 guests
  4. Gazebo – up to 150 guests
  5. Zaffiro Beach – up to 250 guests
  6. Central Beach – up to 1800 guests
  7. Grand Theater – up to 1078 guests
  8. Lagoon – up to 550 guests

Want to know more? Here are all the details 👉 Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos weddings

viva wyndham maya

Viva Wyndham Maya is an amazing all-inclusive resort with charming colonial-style rooms.

You’ll love their on-site restaurants – they serve delicious local and international cuisine.

With themed parties, live entertainment, snorkeling, scuba diving, and a fantastic ocean view pool, there’s plenty of fun options for you and your guests.

Some key points:

✓ 604 rooms
✓ 6 restaurants and bars, including a cafe
✓ Spa
✓ Fitness center
✓ Golf course
✓ Kids’ Club
✓ 2 pools, including one for kids 
✓ Plenty of activities (themed nights, tennis, bicycling, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, deep-sea fishing, beach volleyball etc.)

beach wedding setup at viva wyndham maya

2 Wedding Packages:

The resort has 2 beautiful wedding packages for you to choose from. 

  1. Classic Wedding Package – $900 for 10 guests
  2. Pre-Hispanic Wedding Package – $1,518 for 10 guests

beach venue at viva wyndham maya

Wedding and Reception Venues:
  1. The Beach – up to 120 guests

The resort also has an event space usually used for meetings.

But it can be converted into a wedding venue if you want an indoors location.

Reach out to our certified wedding specialists for further details.

Check out the venue and package details at Viva Wyndham Maya here.

breathless cancun soul resort

Searching for an awesome resort in Cancun that’s both near the city and the beach?

Check out Breathless Cancun Soul. This beachfront resort is located right by the Caribbean Sea and Nichupte Lagoon.

So your views are incredible no matter where you look.

They’ve got amazing infinity pools, gourmet dining experiences, and a ton of fun activities to keep you entertained.

And let’s not forget the wedding venues… They’re out of this world!

Some key points:

✓ All-suites resort with 429 suites
✓ 10 restaurants (Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, French, Mexican etc.)
✓ 10 bars, including 3 swim-up bars
✓ 3 pools, 2 hot tubs
✓ Spa
✓ Fitness center
✓ Plenty of activities (sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, windsurfing, pool parties, karaoke nights etc.)

breathless cancun soul wedding venues

5 Wedding Packages:
  1. First Comes Love – FREE for 10 guests 
  2. Elope In Luxury – $1,100 for you two
  3. Lucky In Love – $3,399 for 30 guests 
  4. Eat, Drink & Be Married – $3,799 for 30 guests 
  5. Beyond Memorable – $8,999 – $9,499 for 80 guests, $13,499 – $14,399 for 100 guests

You can definitely invite more guests for $15 – $148 per person, depending on the package you choose.

brie and groom at xhale rooftop breathless soul cancun

Wedding and Reception Venues:
  1. Sunset Terrace at Xhale Rooftop – up to 50 guests
  2. Caribbean Terrace at Xhale Rooftop – up to 60 guests
  3. Firepit Plaza – up to 300 guests
  4. Beach – up to 250 guests
  5. Xcerelate Rooftop – up to 600 guests
  6. Energy Pool Terrace – up to 400 guests

Check out all the details on this stunning resort here – Breathless Cancun Soul Resort & Spa Weddings

Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites

Located in the beautiful in Riviera Nayarit, Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites is all about that beachfront location with stunning views, and crystal clear waters.

If you want to bring your dream coastal wedding to life, this is the perfect destination wedding resort for you.

The accommodations here are pure luxury, the service is next-level, and they’ve got fabulous amenities that’ll make your stay absolutely unforgettable.

Some key points:

✓ 268 rooms and suites
✓ 4 restaurants serving local and international cuisine
✓ 4 bars, including a swim-up bar
✓ 5 pools, including 2 infinity pools
✓ Spa
✓ Fitness center
✓ Plenty of activities (cocktail parties, neon parties, bodyboarding, paddle boarding, jet ski, surfing etc.)

marival armony resort wedding venues

3 Wedding Packages:
  1. Lush – FREE for 10 guests 
  2. Bahia – $4,150 for 30 guests 
  3. Armony – $12,535 for 100 guests 

The resort can accommodate more guests for $35 to $110 per guest, depending on the package.

garden venue at Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites

Wedding and Reception Venues:
  1. Beach – up to 500 guests
  2. The Vent – up to 75 guests
  3. Garden – up to 120 guests
  4. La Brise – up to 230 guests

Here’s everything else you need to know about weddings at Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites.

TRS coral hotel cancun

TRS Coral Hotel is a stunning adults-only haven nestled on a beautiful beach.

This resort boasts outstanding amenities and exceptional service.

You’ll find exciting cultural and leisure activities, a variety of food options, and a happening nightlife scene here.

And guess what? They’ve got several bars where you can celebrate your wedding in style!

Some key points:

✓ 469 luxurious suites
✓ Access to 12 restaurants (Indian, Thai, Mexican etc.)
✓ Access to 18 bars, including swim-up bars
✓ Fitness center
✓ Spa
✓ 2 pools
✓ Exclusive beach club
✓ Plenty of activities (zumba, kayaking, billiards, water polo, tennis, live shows etc.)

trs coral hotel cancun wedding venues

6 Wedding Packages:
  1. Lovebirds – $1,100 for 10 guests 
  2. Palladium With Love – $2,400 for 20 guests 
  3. Waves Of Love – $2,690 for 20 guests 
  4. Evermore – $2,690 for 20 guests 
  5. Bliss In Bloom – $2,690 for 20 guests 
  6. Timeless – $2,690 for 20 guests 

Invite more guests for $20 per person.

trs coral beach wedding setup

Wedding and Reception Venues:
  1. Catholic Chapel – up to 120 guests
  2. Beach Pergola – up to 100 guests
  3. Poseidon – up to 100 guests
  4. Beach Deck – up to 100 guests
  5. Village’s Deck – up to 250 guests
  6. Convention Center Plaza – up to 200 guests
  7. Ballroom – up to 700 guests

Like what you see? Check out all the details on weddings at TRS Coral Hotel here.

esperanza cabo san lucas resort

Esperanza is hands down the most beautiful resort in Cabo.

It’s spread over a 17-acre property that’s straight-up enchanting.

And the views of the Sea of Cortez from here are absolutely out of this world.

Esperanza’s also got some top-notch restaurants and bars that’ll leave you and your guests happy.

And the accommodations are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Some key points:

✓ Accommodations in the form of casitas, suites, villas and haciendas
✓ 4 restaurants and bars serving delicious cuisines and cocktails
✓ In villa chef service
✓ Fitness center
✓ Spa, with separate pampering services for kids
✓ Tortuguitas Kids Club for children ages 4 to 11
✓ La Cueva Club for teens ages 12 to 17
✓ Plenty of activities (whale watching, camel safaris, golf, sailing, mezcal tastings, cooking classes etc.)

1 Wedding Package:

Esperanza Cabo San Lucas resort offers you 1 luxurious wedding package called Intimate Wedding.

It costs $14,000 for 10 guests.

The package includes services of a wedding officiant, solo musician, 3-hour open bar, 3-course dinner and a lot more.

Esperanza wedding on the beach

Wedding and Reception Venues:
  1. Land’s End Room – up to 60 guests
  2. Aire – up to 80 guests
  3. Aire Terrace – up to 120 guests
  4. Land’s End Terrace – up to 50 guests
  5. Cocina Del Mar Terrace – up to 150 guests
  6. Beach – up to 180 guests
  7. Beach Cabana – up to 150 guests
  8. Upper and Middle Pool Terraces – up to 150 guests
  9. Club House – up to 100 guests
  10. Wooden Deck – up to 70 guests
  11. Fire Pit Terrace – up to 80 guests
  12. Agave Garden – up to 80 guests

Here’s all the info you need on weddings at Esperanza Los Cabos.

atelier playa mujeres resort

Atelier Playa Mujeres is a luxurious resort exclusively for adults.

Trust me, you’re gonna be obsessed with it!

I’m talking jaw-dropping views of the Caribbean Sea, incredible service, opulent suites, and a friendly vibe.

Besides, the wedding venues here are the stuff of fairytales!

Some key points:

✓ 593 spacious suites, including swim-out suites
✓ 13 restaurants (Mexican, Italian, Asian etc.) and 2 coffee shops
✓ 12 bars, including 4 swim-up bars
✓ Gym
✓ Spa
✓ 18-hole golf course
✓ Plenty of activities (painting workshops, cocktail making classes, Bingo nights, kayaking, water sports etc.)

atelier playa mujeres wedding venues

2 Wedding Packages:
  1. Entice – $6,150 for 20 guests 
  2. Bliss – $12,300 for 50 guests 

Additional guests can be invited for $110 or $140, depending on which package you choose. 

atelier beach wedding setup

Wedding and Receptiom Venues:
  1. Beach – up to 400 guests
  2. El Cielo – up to 100 guests
  3. Limon y Sal – up to 150 guests
  4. Don Fernando – up to 80 guests
  5. Los Abrazos – up to 120 guests
  6. Chapel – up to 80 guests
  7. Ballroom – up to 80 guests
  8. Suspiro Estudio – up to 75 guests

Impressive, right? See more details on their wedding packages and venues 👉 Atelier Playa Mujeres weddings!

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