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grand fiesta americana los cabos

Want a beautiful destination wedding with an amazing backdrop?

Well, you’re in luck! Mexico has got you covered.

Imagine crystal-clear waters, lush tropical feel, and those picture-perfect white-sand beaches

With such diverse landscapes, you’re sure to find the perfect venue for your special day!

Here are the BEST wedding locations in Mexico according to our experienced wedding planners.

Lets’ go!

aerial view of Cancun mexico

Why Cancun?

You probably know Cancun for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

Yes, it’s a hot-spot for spring-breakers but outside that month, it’s so much more.


Gorgeous all-inclusive resorts attract more than 30 million visitors annually… both family-friendly and adult-only.

Why is Cancun popular?

✓ Quick, inexpensive flight from the U.S.
✓ Perfect weather
✓ Beautiful beaches
✓ Vibrant nightlife
✓ Activities galore (snorkeling, golf, Mayan ruins)

cancun wedding venues

Cancun guarantees excitement, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.

But a wedding in Cancun?

You’d be surprised to know that most 4 and 5-star resorts have wedding packages and most have weddings every day!

You’ll want to seriously consider Cancun for your destination wedding location.

Here’s why…

Destination Weddings In Cancun:

When it comes to luxurious weddings in Mexico, the upscale resorts in the Cancun Hotel Zone are among the best!

We love their amazing all-inclusive wedding packages that help deliver that unforgettable wedding experience.

cliff gazebo hyatt ziva cancun

Many smaller wedding packages are free if the couple book a minumum number of nights.

Average Cost

The average cost for a wedding in Cancun is around $5500 for a 30-50 person wedding.

It feels like a 30k wedding back home because it’s packaged with inclusions.

So, if you want to go all out on certain details, your Cancun wedding package could end up costing anywhere between $999 to $12,000.

This figure fluctuates a lot based on your guest list size.

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paradisus cancun resort pool

Our 5 Favorite Wedding Resorts in Cancun:

  1. Breathless Cancun Soul Resort & Spa
  2. Hyatt Ziva Cancun
  3. Nizuc Resort and Spa
  4. Paradisus Cancun
  5. Planet Hollywood Cancun



Why Isla Mujeres?

Get ready to fall head over heels for Isla Mujeres!

This little island, just a short 8-mile hop from Cancun, is a true paradise, brimming with tranquility and beauty.

Unlike its lively neighbor Cancun, Isla Mujeres boasts a laid-back and calm atmosphere.

But don’t mistake this for boredom, because there’s no shortage of activities to keep you entertained.

Picture yourself surrounded by stunning white sand beaches, gentle waves, and the warmest locals you’ll ever meet in the Mexican Caribbean.

Why is Isla Mujeres popular?

✓ Laid-back culture
✓ Tranquil lifestyle
✓ Perfect weather
✓ Beautiful beaches
✓ Isla Mujeres is a designated pueblo mágico (magical town)

isla mujeres wedding venues

We love that Isla Mujeres is a melting pot of fisherman, chefs, artists, divers, musicians, and expats, creating a community that is truly one-of-a-kind.

It’s the perfect blend of Caribbean beauty, and Mayan heritage.

Destination Weddings On Isla Mujeres

We feel like Isla Mujeres is a place where your wildest wedding dreams can come true!

When it comes to wedding resorts, Isla Mujeres offers a more intimate and boutique experience compared to the massive resorts you’ll find in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Zoetry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres evening wedding setup

No doubt the mega-resorts in Cancun can offer you BIG weddings.

But if you want a one-of-a-kind destination wedding that truly represents you as a couple, the best move is to get on a boat and head to Isla Mujeres.

Average Cost

All-inclusive wedding packages on the island start from $999 and can go up to $7,500.

For this cost, you can invite anywhere between 10 to 80 guests. 

Additional guests can be added for a cost of $80 to $210 per person, depending on the resort and wedding package.

mia reef isla mujeres

Our 3 Favorite Wedding Resorts on Isla Mujeres:

  1. Secrets Impression Isla Mujeres
  2. Mía Reef Isla Mujeres
  3. Zoetry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres

el arco cabo kayaking

Why Cabo?

Located at the tip of the beautiful Baja California Peninsula, Cabo boasts some of the most beautiful resorts and hotels in all of Mexico.

It’s a luxury destination where you can go on many outdoor adventures, and then head over to a spa for a soothing massage.

Keep in mind that Cabo leans more towards the expensive side, given its top-notch resorts and trendy reputation.

And no matter which resort you select, your outdoor venue will offer an amazing view of the Arch of Cabo San Lucas.

Why is Cabo popular?

✓ Wonderful weather
✓ Miles of sandy beaches
✓ Amazing nightlife
✓ Thrilling water sports
✓ Awesome golf courses

cabo wedding venues

Destination Weddings In Cabo San Lucas:

You can have the most amazing destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas.

We love that you can exchange vows on a breathtaking beach, or with a beautiful mountain backdrop.

And you can even having dolphins and humpback whales photobomb your festivities!

Esperanza wedding on the beach

Since Cabo was designed as a vacation destination, weddings here offer incredible amenities and services, not to mention some of the best spas in the country!

Average Cost

The cost of a destination wedding in Cabo can range between $5,000 to $50,000.

While the lower end ensures beautiful celebrations for an intimate group, the $30,000+ wedding packages offer you luxury like no other.

hyatt ziva los cabos resort

Our 5 Favorite Wedding Resorts In Cabo:

  1. Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa
  2. Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos
  3. Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos All-Inclusive Golf & Spa
  4. Esperanza Cabo San Lucas
  5. Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos

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Why Akumal?

If you’re searching for a peaceful beach town on the stunning Caribbean Sea, look no further than Akumal.

The name “Akumal” actually means “place of the turtles” in Mayan.

And this little town in the Riviera Maya is renowned for being one of Mexico’s top spots to encounter and swim with sea turtles.

Akumal has it all – awesome resorts, amazing diving and snorkeling centers, charming coffee shops, and fantastic bars.

Why is Akumal popular?

✓ Swimming with endangered green sea turtles
✓ Stunning beaches
✓ Calm waters
✓ Scuba diving and snorkeling
✓ Awesome weather

akumal wedding venues

We love Akumal’s gorgeous white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and thriving marine life.

Beware! Once you visit, you might find it hard to say goodbye!

Destination Weddings In Akumal:

Akumal offers a variety of stunning wedding venues, including secluded beaches, expansive terraces, and enchanting gardens.

The all-inclusive resorts in the town also offer indoor venues such as ballrooms and chapels.

Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya wedding venue

With its lush green jungle and breathtaking turquoise Caribbean waters, this wedding destination is a paradise for sure!

Average Cost

The average cost of a wedding in Akumal can vary depending on factors such as the number of guests, the type of venue, and the services and amenities you choose.

On average, however, destination weddings in Akumal can range from $1,800 to $5,000.

That’s so much more budget friendly than the wedding you were thinking of having back home!

Secrets Akumal resort aerial view

Our 3 Favorite Wedding Resorts In Akumal:

  1. Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort
  2. Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya
  3. Sunscape Akumal Beach Resort & Spa

playa del carmen

Why Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen, located on the Riviera Maya, boasts an incredible 75 miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

It’s a quiet yet lively city with a bohemian vibe that’s easily walkable and best explored on foot.

The main strip, 5th ave, stretches for 5 miles and is packed with resorts, hotels, shops, art galleries, restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Playa is hot for destination weddings because of this.

Why is Playa del Carmen popular?

✓ Quick, inexpensive flight from the U.S.
✓ Perfect weather
✓ Beautiful beaches
✓ Vibrant beach clubs
✓ Plenty of activities (snorkeling, diving, parasailing, Mayan ruins, one-day excursions)

playa del carmen wedding venues

Playa del Carmen is strategically located just 45 minutes south of Cancun, making it the perfect base for exploring the best of the Riviera Maya.

Destination Weddings In Playa del Carmen:

Playa del Carmen has a range of resorts to suit different budgets.

Many all-inclusive resorts in the city offer fantastic all-inclusive wedding packages.

beach gazebo at sandos caracol eco resort

Just a heads up – since it is a popular wedding destination, resorts tend to get booked pretty quickly.

You’ll have to start planning way in advance to land the resort and venue of your dreams.

Average Cost

With the variety of resorts available in and around the city, the average cost can vary.

Typically, a destination wedding in Playa del Carmen can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000.

You’ll love these 10 All-Inclusive Wedding Packages in Playa del Carmen!

sandos caracol eco resort

Our 5 Favorite Wedding Resorts In Playa del Carmen:

  1. The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences
  2. Secrets Moxche Playa Del Carmen
  3. Sandos Caracol Eco Resort
  4. Paradisus Playa Del Carmen
  5. Iberostar Quetzal


Why Tulum?

Tulum, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, boasts stunning turquoise waters that meet the softest sands you’ll ever set foot on.

With its breathtaking coastline, Tulum is among the top beach destinations in Mexico.

It’s known for lush jungles, ancient Mayan ruins, crystal-clear cenotes, and beautiful lagoons.

We love the town’s upscale and vibrant nightlife as well – it’s perfect for hosting bachelor(ette) parties!

Why is Tulum popular?

✓ Home to great beaches
✓ Lush jungles
✓ Intriguing Mayan ruins
✓ Upscale nightlife
✓ Enticing cenotes

tulum wedding venues

As Tulum gains popularity, more modern resorts are being built, making it an increasingly sought-after destination.

Destination Weddings In Tulum:

Tulum is where you’ll find stunning, modern all-inclusive resorts that offer breathtaking wedding venues.

Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate ceremony or a celebration with over 50 guests, there are plenty of choices in this town.

It’s crazy how this little fishing town has transformed into a hot wedding destination spot in no time.

And you know what’s the best part? The whole place is a natural wonderland. 

Average Cost

The average cost of a destination wedding in Tulum can vary depending on factors such as number of guests, venue choice, catering, accommodations, and additional services.

However, as a rough estimate, destination weddings in Tulum can range from $2,000 to $8,000.

Yup, that’s so much lower than the 35k average cost of a wedding in USA!

bahia principe grand tulum resort top view

Our 5 Favorite Wedding Resorts In Tulum:

  1. Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
  2. Bahia Principe Grand Tulum
  3. Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club
  4. Catalonia Royal Tulum
  5. Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya

Check out these 10 Best Resort Wedding Packages in Tulum

puerto vallarta

Why Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful town/city with an authentic Mexican vibe.

It’s romantic and also very LGBTQ friendly.

You’ll love the beautiful beaches snuggled up against the Sierra Madre mountains. 

There’s heaps to do in Puerto Vallarta – whether you love the mountains, the beaches or the city life, there’s something for you here.

Why is Puerto Vallarta popular?

✓ Swimming with Dolphins & Sea Lions 
✓ Stunning beaches
✓ Easy access to nearby historical towns
✓ Scuba diving and snorkeling
✓ Plenty of opportunities for hiking, horseback riding and other adventures

puerto vallarta wedding venues

Destination Weddings In Puerto Vallarta:

Puerto Vallarta weddings exude traditional Mexican charm.

The city has awesome resorts that are perfect for destination weddings, no matter what your budget.

You’ll find that these resorts offer special wedding packages that come with incredible amenities and services.

hilton vallarta riviera resort wedding

The coolest part is that if you’re living on the West coast, Puerto Vallarta airport is just a quick flight away.

Average Cost

Destination weddings in Puerto Vallarta tend to differ from price and size, depending on the location and resort.

Expect to spend anywhere between $1,000 to $7,000 for your special day. 

Maybe these 10 Best All-Inclusive Wedding Packages In Puerto Vallarta will give you a clearer picture. 

hyatt ziva puerto vallarta resort

Our 5 Favorite Wedding Resorts in Puerto Vallarta:

  1. Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta
  2. Dreams Vallarta Bay Resort & Spa
  3. Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa
  4. Hilton Vallarta Riviera
  5. Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

occidental cozumel resort

Why Cozumel?

The charming island of Cozumel is just a short distance from Cancun.

We find the ferry ride from Cancun to the island pretty awesome, tbh!⛴️

The island’s a fantastic place with breathtaking sunsets and stunning reefs, making it a dream destination for couples to tie the knot.

You’ll find pristine white sand beaches, modern resorts, cute cafes, and captivating wildlife on Cozumel.

Why is Cozumel popular?

✓ Quick, inexpensive flight from the U.S. to Cancun
✓ Amazing weather
✓ Proximity to several top scuba diving sites
✓ Breathtaking beaches
✓ Shopping

cozumel wedding venues

Whether you’re exploring underwater or enjoying activities on land, your wedding here will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

Destination Weddings On Cozumel:

Cozumel is the ultimate destination for a wedding!

With its all-inclusive resorts and wedding packages, you can get luxury on a budget.

The fact that everything is taken care of, right from accommodations to catering is just the best!

It lets you relax and enjoy your special day to the fullest.

secrets aura cozumel wedding

Average Cost

Wedding packages in Cozumel range from free (if conditions are met) to $7,000.

For most packages, you can invite up to 30 guests.

And almost all the resorts let you invite additional guests for a nominal fee.

secrets aura cozumel resort

Our 3 Favorite Wedding Resorts On Cozumel:

  1. Secrets Aura Cozumel
  2. Occidental Cozumel
  3. Fiesta Americana Cozumel

riviera maya

Why Riviera Maya?

Riviera Maya is a stunning 80 mile area south of Cancun that has a lot to offer.

It includes popular towns like:
 – Playa del Carmen
 – Akumal
 – Tulum
 – Puerto Morelos.

You’ll find plenty of places to explore here, including fascinating Mayan ruins, cenotes, and archaeological sites.

Plus there’s no shortage of amazing restaurants, lively bars, and nightclubs.

Whether you’re looking for an adults-only resort or family-friendly accommodations, the Riviera Maya has got you covered.

Why is Riviera Maya popular?

✓ Stunning natural beauty
✓ Snorkeling and diving in the Great Maya Reef
✓ Numerous spas and wellness retreats
✓ Amazing nightlife
✓ Rich cultural heritage

riviera maya wedding venues

With so many areas within the Riviera Maya, you’ll have an abundance of resorts to choose from for your destination wedding. 

Destination Weddings In Riviera Maya:

Destination weddings in Riviera Maya offer and enchanting and unforgettable experience for our couples and their guests.

The region is renowned for its breathtaking beachfront locations, providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding.

Plus many resorts in Riviera Maya offer comprehensive wedding packages, simplifying the planning process.e

These packages often include ceremony and reception venues, catering, décor, and even the services of a dedicated wedding coordinator.

grand class deck at grand velas riviera maya

With its lush greenery, swaying palm trees, and vibrant tropical flora, Riviera Maya has an idyllic atmosphere for your dream destination wedding in Mexico.

Average Cost

Because the Riviera Maya has many resort towns and areas, the cost of weddings can vary quite a bit depending on the resort you choose.

Here’s the deal: some resorts actually provide free wedding packages, while others charge anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 on average.

You’ll also find several  high-end resorts that offer personalized wedding packages, and these tend to start at around $20,000.

grand velas riviera maya resort

Our 5 Favorite Wedding Resorts In Riviera Maya:

  1. Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya
  2. Grand Velas Riviera Maya 
  3. Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya
  4. El Dorado Seaside Suites
  5. Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Puerto Morelos town mexico

Why Puerto Morelos?

Just a quick 20-minute drive from Cancun’s airport, you’ll find the charming fishing village of Puerto Morelos.

This place in the Riviera Maya is the perfect destination for couples who want a peaceful getaway while still being close to the city.

We’re obsessed with the village’s symbol, the El Faro Inclinado (a leaning lighthouse)!

While here, you can explore the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos, part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second-largest in the world.

Why is Puerto Morelos popular?

✓ Stunning natural beauty
✓ Laid-back and peaceful ambiance
✓ Excellent snorkeling and diving spots
✓ Eco-adventures
✓ Located close to Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Puerto Morelos wedding venues

Our only concern – most resorts in Puerto Morelos are small, with fewer than 50 rooms.

But that’s the village’s charm.

If you prefer larger all-inclusive resorts, you can find some just outside of town.

Destination Weddings In Puerto Morelos:

Opting for Puerto Morelos as the destination for your wedding is such a fantastic choice.

Trust me, this place has everything you need to make your dream wedding a reality.

From romantic backdrops to amazing resorts, from all-inclusive wedding packages to budget-friendly prices… You’ll love this place!

the fives oceanfront roof venue

Average Cost

In case you’re wondering, the average cost of a destination wedding in Puerto Morelos ranges from $1,000 to $10,000.

The later is generally for bigger groups.

Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun

Our 3 Favorite Wedding Resorts In Puerto Morelos:
  1. The Fives Oceanfront
  2. Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun
  3. Dreams Jade Resort and Spa

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