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10 Destination Wedding Questions To Ask Your Travel Agent

This is a big deal.

You’re thinking about hiring a destination wedding travel agent!

If you hire the wrong agent… the nightmare awaits.

So, that’s why we created this post.

What questions should you ask? These experience planners helped me create a list of destination wedding-related questions you need to ask.

Lets get you prepared… 

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Destination weddings are a popular choice among couples because they’re cost-effective.

And you’re probably here for the same.

But, if your travel agent is smart, they’d tell you that it’s not just about the cost…

It’s also about creating memories, spending quality time with your loved ones, and having a hassle-free celebration.

And, of course, it’s also about having epic views and gorgeous photos!

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Where should you have your wedding? East or West Coast of Mexico? The Caribbean? Spain?

Your destination wedding travel planner should want to hear about your vision or the place that holds a special meaning for you and your partner.

But what’s a wedding without guests?

Your agent should suggest destinations that are convenient and affordable for your guests too.

They’ll also factor in everyone’s budget before recommending wedding destinations. 

Once you’ve picked the location, the travel agent will assist you with finding the perfect all-inclusive resort or private venue.

Got Mexico on your mind? Here’s a list of the best all-inclusive wedding resorts for you! 

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3 things you need to know:

1. Not all Travel Agents do destination weddings.
2. Not all Destination Travel Agents do destination weddings well.
3. Not all Destination Travel Agents do destination weddings everywhere.

You don’t know every city well. Same with travel agents.

Only work with an agent who has significant experience holding events in the destination and location you want.

For example, our team at don’t touch Europe or locations in the U.S. You won’t hear us say Greece or Florida. We specialize in planning weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Destinations we recommend:
From the west coast:
From the east coast:

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Marriage laws differ from country to country.

In some places, couples may need to spend a few days in the destination before their ceremony.

Other countries might ask for health certificates or additional paperwork.

Generally, there are 3 types of marriages:
  1. Civil (legal)
  2. Symbolic (not legal)
  3. Religious (not legal)

Your destination wedding travel agent can give you all the specific details for the location you’ve chosen.

Lots of couples opt for a courthouse wedding in their country and then have a symbolic ceremony at the destination of their choice.

Here’s how to legally get married in Mexico.

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Your travel agent should be able to tell you the cost of the wedding and the cost per guest.

Since 90% of destination weddings take place at all-inclusive resorts, we’ll focus on that below.

The Wedding Package Cost

This is a fixed cost. The average wedding package costs $5500 for 35-50 guests.

It won’t fluctuate unless you add things at the last minute.

Wedding Packages Include:

✓ wedding venu
✓ reception
✓ food & drink
✓ hair & make-up
✓ DJ
✓ florals
✓ etc

So, destination wedding packages pretty much cover all the essentials.

Cost per Guest

Guests cover their own flights and accommodation, but as long as they stay at the resort they can attend your wedding for free!

So, just make sure the cost/night at the resort is within their budget. You can always send out a quick Google survey.

Grand master suite with ocean view at Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Destination wedding travel agents will likely want to help the guests book their stay, and to an amazing job at it because that’s where they earn their money.

Imagine this. booking your wedding package and then guests finding out the resort is sold out.

Here’s the solution…

Your agent will recommend that the resort reserves a specific number of rooms for your guests. This is called a “room block“. They’ll coordinate directly with the resort to ensure you block the necessary number of rooms.

Once you have the RSVPs, you can simply reach out to your travel agent, and they will contact each guest to help with travel and accommodations.

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You need a Plan B, especially when it comes to your special day or week!

With so many things already on your plate, it’s essential to have a travel agent who can be your on-the-ground support if anything goes wrong.

They’re the person you can rely on if your uncle misses his flight, or if some of your guests want to switch rooms.

Make sure your travel agent is prepared to handle these last-minute challenges and changes in plans.

What activities will your travel agent partake in?

It’s an event, and you’ll need a team of people around you to execute this magical wedding.

Travel Agents

Destination wedding travel agents assists you with choosing the right resort, wedding package, secures group rates, and ensures a stress-free travel experience for you and all your guests.

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are usually provided by resorts as part of the wedding package.

They source out vendors, recommend vendors, collaborate with the resort wedding coordinator, and assist with other wedding details.

Wedding Coordinators

Wedding coordinators are also included by the resort.

They oversee the actual wedding setup and décor, assisting the planner in making sure everything runs smoothly.

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The fees charged by destination wedding travel agents can vary significantly and go into 1000’s.

It’s important to find out how much they charge for their services beforehand.

Our services are FREE..

People always ask us “why you don’t charge a fee?” Our travel agency specializes in destination weddings. Our reputation is stellar. We’re happy with the commissions earned when booking accommodations for everyone.

How can we help you? Check out

When hiring a travel agent, it’s important to find someone with a similar taste as yours.

Asking this question will also help you gauge their passion for the industry.

Having said that, a skilled specialist can bring your vision to life regardless of their personal style.

Yeah, destination wedding planning can be tough!

But it doesn’t have to be! 

Our experienced planners have organized 100’s of destination weddings and are there for you every step of the way. 

Contact us here for a free consultation or give us a call at 877-737-0177

We can’t wait to make your dream wedding come true!

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